Sleek Makeup Kajal Eyeliner Odyssey Review, Swatches & EOTD


Sleek Makeup Kajal

When I first bought this Purple Kajal I was kind of irritated thinking what’s the use of buying a different colour Kajal when same effect can be achieved with an eyeliner as well. After using this Kajal couple of times I realized the difference.



Sleek Makeup Eye Liner Pencil Kajal - Odyssey eotd



Neither a liquid liner nor a pencil, Kajal is an innovative product that can be smudged and used as an eyeshadow. Inspired by the rich pigment and simplicity of a crayon, Kajal is a tapered kohl that allows you to line your eyes with intense colour. This can be used as cream eyeshadow base, you just have to tap some eyeshadow over it.

Price - £4.49

Packaging – It comes in a black matte  packaging and there is a black ribbon tied on its cap which helps in pulling up the cap. They should have kept the  purple ribbon Isn’t it? Like most Indian Kajals, it’s a twist up Kajal case and reminds me of Shahnaz Kajal which I used to use years back.


Sleek  Kajal - Odyssey eyeliner reviews


What Makes Sleek Makeup Kajal Eyeliner Odyssey So Different ?

Answer is the texture. It’s really soft and smooth. If you are wear contact lenses or have real sensitive eyes, this one will work. It’s creamy and one can enjoy the smudge eye look in two minutes. It takes time in drying out and after a few hours it does smudge a bit and that is the reason it is soft. Smudging won’t be the bad one .



Sleek Makeup Eye Liner Pencil Kajal - Odyssey


Shade is visible on my water line but it’s not really intense, albeit shade is super pigmented. You don’t need to sharpen the Kajal and they are self sharpening  so you should use it from the tip so it wears down evenly.


Sleek Makeup Eye Liner  Kajal - Odyssey



Sleek Makeup Kajal Eyeliner Swatches:-

It’s a shimmery purple which is not frosty and neither does have any kind of metallic sheen. One can build up the colour and use it as eyeshadow too. It’s super smooth and glides like a dream – this is where it differs from eyeliners.Most eyeliners which I have used are not as soft as this one.



Sleek Makeup Eye Liner Pencil Kajal - Odyssey swatches


Here’s a simple  step by step tutorial for those who are new to the concept. I should have done a smudged smoky look but I wanted to show what beautiful firm line this eyeliner gives.


how to apply blue eyeliner final

Summing up

What I liked about Sleek Makeup Kajal Eyeliner Odyssey :-


  • Texture is super soft 
  • Can be used by those who have sensitive eyes or  wear contact lenses
  • Stays for long hours
  • Waterline safe. You won’t experience watery eyes while using it.
  • Gives firm line of a liner and can be used  as a cream shadow base.
  • Doesn’t require sharpening.
  • It has a waxy texture which gives real soft application.
  • High on pigmentation.
  • Great for those who likes tight lining.
  • Gives smoky effect in two minutes.
  • Available in two shades.

What I do not like about Sleek Makeup Kajal Eyeliner Odyssey:-

  • It smudges after 5-6 hours .
  • Some of you might find the product tricky in application.
  • Only available online.


Will I Recommend It To Others – Yup! You start your day with a firm eyeliner and then in evening smudge it up for an evening party look.How does it sound ?

Wise She Rating – 3.5/5

  • Pigmentation -4/5
  • Staying power – 3.5/5
  • Availability – 2.5/5


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  1. Loveddd the tute! :inlove: Brilliant idea to wing it out on the lower lashline :yes: The packaging looks similar to the newly launched Bourjois kajal na? 🙂

  2. Billo Raani 🙂 !! i like those lenses man !! they just add that extra finishing touch to the whole look ! Which brand are they and from where ??


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