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sleek makeup lip pencil ruby

I am here again with a lip liner! This time, it is from the house of Sleek Makeup. I have reviewed one of their retractable lip pencil a couple of days ago and I must say everybody should own at least one lip pencil from this particular ‘Twist-up lip pencil range‘. Today I’ll be reviewing Sleek Makeup Lip Pencil- Ruby. Let’s see ,how it served the purpose of perfecting Defined lips.

About Sleek Makeup Lip Pencil- Ruby

Our collection of Lip Pencils are ultra-creamy in texture with a matte finish that complement your lip’s natural tone. Designed to define, line and fill in lips prior to applying lipstick. They are long-lasting and work well with a wide range of lipstick or gloss shades.

Use Ruby as a base before applying True Colour Lipstick shade Vamp.

  • Available in 12 shades.
  • Store in a cool dry place.
  • Not tested on animals.

Price- GBP 3.49 ,INR 290 (approx)

sleek makeup lippencil ruby

How to Use-

Step One:

  • To line and define your lips, carefully follow the natural outline of your lips.

Step Two:

  • To achieve the illusion of a fuller pout take the outline just above your top lip line ensuring you follow your lips natural shape.

My Experience With Sleek Makeup Lip Pencil-Ruby

I adore using Red and Plum lip liner pencils when it comes to well defined lips.I have stocked up tones of lip pencils and want even more. Anyhow, this lip pencil comes in Plastic, Plum-ish colored pencil like packaging. The whole necessary information has mentioned on its body. Sleek Makeup Ruby Lip Pencil is a ruby red with slightly hint of brown which is perfect for my dark lip colors. It’s a lovely shade and can be used with many deep lipsticks.The packaging is really nice and cute and easy to deal with.

I am a devotee of Sleek Makeup Products because I always found amazing quality in their products either they are eye shadow palettes, eyeliner or lipsticks, they have been just amazing like high end quality , but this time they proved me a bit wrong. I’m not saying that their quality is bad but not great this time.

These typical wooden pencil eye and lip defines from their range, just not worth the money. Although,The packaging is simple but attractive. The color of the packaging is similar to the shade, even the caps are in the same shade.

sleek makeup lip pencil wooden

I have used this lip pencil two times and now I would say it has very poor pigmentation as compared to other lip pencils I have in my stash. The texture of this lip liner is quite drying and needs a lot of tugging and pulling. Multiple swipes require to get exact color of this lip pencil. This is not good for very dry lips and doesn’t even set after the application. I have used it after applying lip balm like always do before any lip product application. It doesn’t look good even on well prepared lips and gives flaky and capped looking lips kind of appearance 🙁  Although it can be remove easily.

This kind of lip pencils might be work for hot and humid days but if you are a creamy-matte lip definer lover like me than skip this . I just fall for the color otherwise it’s total waste of money. Huge disappointment!!

sleek makeup lip pencil lid

What I like About Sleek Makeup Lip Pencil-Ruby?

  • Beautiful colored eyeliner pencil packaging
  • Gorgeous Ruby red color with berry/bown hints
  • Stiff tip of liner for perfectly defined lips
  • Good pigmentation
  • Haul-able
  • Affordable when purchased abroad
  • Easy to carry around.

sleek makeup lip pencil in ruby swatch

What I Don’t like About Sleek Makeup Lip Pencil-Ruby

  • Multiple swipes requires to get true color
  • Not at all creamy
  • Not great for winters
  • Gives flaky and patchy looking lips
  • Drying and flaky texture
  • Sharpening leads to product wastage.

sleek lip pencil lip liner ruby

Rating-2/5 ( Major Disappointment 🙁  )



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