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Shivani asks, 

Hi , I have been reading about sleek makeup products so much in so many blogs and want to try them .Can you suggest me some eyeshadows and blushes from them which will work for Indian skin tone (fair)



Best sleek products+first sleek product suggestions



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  1. like Ana di has recoed sleek’s nude collection is actually a must have..decently priced n suitable for daily use..u can actually buy it use it n not feel guilty abt having purchased something ud not b using regularly!
    That apart, another great buy for indian skin tones is this blush Aruba from the carribean collecetion..and pout polish Bonaire..I have both and it goes great on my skin tone..I’m light skinned for an Indian tone..Would go superbly well evevn for dusky tones!
    Eyeshadow palettes from Monaco n caribbean collection are the best!
    And lastly, u hav hav hav to get their pout paints! have been swatched over here as well! though I’m not attaching the link, youll find it on wiseshe widout doubt.
    That’s all I think is needed

  2. Hello Shivani

    I recently bought Sleek and I can recommend the following :
    a. Blush – Rose Gold – well, I have never used blush in my adult life, used only cheek rose(!) in school, but I knew this was a not-to-miss one when I decided to buy for a Delhi wedding (a friend’s). It is BEAUTIFUL!! Simple stunning on Indian tone.
    b. Eyeshadow – Storm i-Divine Palette – well the colours are beautiful but I had never tried eyeshadows. My friends will say I am a no-makeup person. But offlate, with wiseshe and a few others, I am hoarding it all. This is very nice for Indian colors. Works well with most of our outfits I think. Subtle but definitely there and makes a statement 🙂
    c. Pout Polish – Powder Pink – this is a very cute pink. It gives a shimmery look, slightly pinkish on me. Top it off with clear/nude gloss and I think you are all set 🙂
    d. 5-Piece Brush Set – after discoverying makeu-up, I knew this was key. And what best than Sleek? They are cute, travel friendly (they survived my 3 day abrupt travel) and have the names of the brushes written on them. I’d be lost without them 🙂

    If Ana is okay, I’d like to review them at and show off (!) all of these to you guys!!

    All the best shopping!!


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