Sleek Rose Gold Blush Review, Swatches & FOTD


sleek rose gold powder blush fotd+sleek rose gold powder blush reviews


  • Price: $ 6.50 excluding shipping
  • Quantity: 8 gms

Sleek cosmetics is quite famous now in India.  Their blushes have got quite a reputation and they are much loved here on WiseShe as well.  Sleek blushes come in a supre cute compact with a big enough mirror which makes it handy and essential while travelling.

You can find 10 blush shades to suit skin tones that vary from fair to dark and from  shimmer to matte shades.   The shimmer blushes are softer then the matte shades.


Sleek-blush-rose-gold-review-and-swatches+sleek blush rose gold review

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Rose Gold is one of the most famous blushes from sleek.  It is highly pigmented  to brighten and define cheekbones and can I say even more than Nars Orgasm.  You need a tad bit only as does the job of both a blush and a highlighter.  The texture is so silky-fine and lasts for a pretty long time.

I especially like to use it for a night out as it gives my cheeks a nice shimmer.  Now it may not suit those of you who are not that fond of wearing shimmery products cause this one has some heavy gold shimmer going on!  Don’t run off as yet.  The shimmer is not chunky and glittery thus the finished look is always subtle with a radiant glow.


sleek rose gold blush swatches+sleek rose gold blush powder blush swatches


This blush does accentuate large pores and imperfections so if you are in two minds then try using it over a matte blush, applied to the highest point of the cheekbones.  Use a flat brush to blend it out.  What you get is a beautiful golden highlight and a little flush of colour.  You can also use a good foundation base to reduce the appearance of large pores.

This is how Sleek Rose Gold  looks on me

sleek rose gold blush fotd+sleek rose gold powder blush fotd



Sleek NARS Orgasm Dupe ?

Is it a close dupe to Nars Orgasm?  Sleek on the Right and Nars to the left.



sleek blush rose gold dupe+sleek blush rose gold swatches blush


What I like about Sleek Rose Gold Blush :-


  • Price is great
  • Packaging is verysleek, compact and has a mirror
  • Beautiful warm and youthful colour
  • Works as a highlighter as well
  • Shimmer/glitter finish
  • Pigmented with a nice glow
  • Looks nice on medium/asian skin tones
  • Quite close Nars dupe


What I don’t like about Sleek Rose Gold Blush :-


  • Magnifies pores and imperfections
  • May not suit those who are averse to shimmer/glitter


Have you tried Sleek Rose Gold Blush :

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  1. OMg yesterday I added this one to my shopping list 😀 and today you reviewed.. I guess if u r a make up lover you would not mind to have it in your stash 😛 Although it has shimmer I loved it , looks amazing and you rock it :yes:

      • There is this lady who looks beautiful as she uses santoor and there comes a child calling her Mummy! The guy who was checking on her gets amazed to know she is a mother of a 5 year old child. Difficult to believe she is a mommy as she looks so stunning n pretty! That’s about it.
        Ana, it was a famous ad. Hope you remember now 😎

  2. this is sacchi like the most famous sleek blush na? i havent seen anyone who has had anythin bad t say bout this…sexy shade and u look absolutely gorgeous here babe!

  3. A i want this!! want want want!! sleek ko bolo shipping charges kam jare :D..i want the palettes too..btw guess what? i bought the acid palette yest..:woot:

      • AM FINE feeling of pregnancy at all except when my little one kicks or wen i feel nauseated….am seriously not as active as u were when u were sleep gossip shop or window shop online sleep is my routine now;_ :dance-left-right:

        • Well !now when i think of it i wasnt that active too..i had maids for everything from cooking to cleaning and i just use to blog and rest.Now i am doing much much more.

  4. hi Anamika..been following ur blog for some time now..i have to say, i refer to ur site most of the times for any makeup related confirmation..same goes for this looks so beautiful on u, now im convinced how it would look on indian skin..lovely.


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