Sleek Twist Up Lip Liner Chestnut Review, Swatches & FOTD


Sleek Makeup Twist Up Lip Liner

I have never been a lip liner person as such but recently was thinking of buying few for myself .So while placing some Sleek lipsticks order I added few lip liners too in my cart.A lip liner definitely prevents the lipstick from bleeding and helps the lipstick to stay for long.

  • Price – $3.49  excluding shipping

Sleek twist up lip pencil chestnut review


All About Sleek Twist Up Lip Liner Chestnut:-

Lip liners are set for a big comeback and Twist Ups are soft and creamy enough to use all over your lips.


My Experience With Sleek Twist Up Lip Liner Chestnut :-

I like the twist up packaging . These can be used anywhere without any sharpening hassles. I liked the creamy texture of the lip liner which glides more or less like a lipstick. Staying power though is not very great and is about 2-3 hrs. Pigmentation of  the lip liner is decent enough to  cover all kinds of lip pigmentation.Shade is not drying and neither does it accentuate fine lines.

There are three more shades in the twist up collection which are Pink Rose, Currant and Deep Cherry.




Sleek Twist Up Liner Chestnut Swatches:-

It’s a brownish peachy rust shade which looks beautiful alone as well with a gloss or a coral lipstick on it.





Below I am wearing the shade without any lipstick on. Those who have super dry lips might find it little drying but a lip balm can solve the problem.

sleek twist up lip pencil chestnut on my lips


This is how it looks on me.I have been wearing the shade so often nowadays. I think its a affordable pretty shade for medium to dark skin tone ..Oops! I am not with a blush in the below pic ..Shorry Zee! I hope you will forgive me for that ..lolz


sleek twist up lip pencil chestnut on my face

Summing up the Sleek twist up lip liner


What I like about Sleek Twist Up Lip Liner:-


  • Creamy,Smooth and glides beautifully.
  • Decently priced
  • Can be used all alone, with a lipstick on or a lipgloss.
  • Twist up lip liner.
  • Does’t smudge .


What I do not like about Sleek Twist Up Lip Liner:-

  • They are not long staying.


Will I recommend it to others – I think Sleek lip liners are quite under rated and one should try them out .They are great for the price which they come in.

Have you tried Sleek Twist Up Lip Liner?


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  1. I LOVE the 2nd pic! It’s so professionally taken :yes: I had a maybelline lippie called chestnut which was the exact same color as this 🙂 Someone borrowed it n after i got it back it developed fungus!! :confused:

  2. i swear it comes very easy to me..i feel as if there is no big deal about it at all

    tutorial of my eye makeup will be up soon sweets 🙂

  3. this is a damn good shade, totally my kind, i dontlike the typical pink or maroon lip liners at all, peachy brown, and such shades are alws welcome

  4. the shade is looking really pretty on u ana…
    eye makeup is just to tute pls…
    also,it wouls like to say that even though u have put no blush but ur face is glowing..wat have u used sweets??

  5. Anvi gonna look like a goddess when she goes for parties and even her frnds wud come begging for make up tips frm Ana I guess .. he he.

    U dont need blush at all babe.. U look gorgeous as it is. Everything is such a great look from eyes to lips :-*

  6. Arey dear she will study well but she can party too with her girlfrnds right!!

    All study and no party makes Anvi a dull gal na 🙂 he he.


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