Small Zits Wholeover Face Problem- Suggestions

 Palak asks
My concern is that I am noticing small zits(they are not pimple and are of the size of a mustard seed ) on my whole face and few pimples on my forehead.I have normal to oily skin, currently I am using just herb’s body ubtan as face wash and biotique morning nectar moisturiser with spf my skin feel a bit oily after using it so i have skipped using it from 2-3 days instead I use patanjali aloe vera gel, if i need to go out i apply pond’s tinted moisturiser.
At night i am using argan oil that’s reviewed on yourblog. Please advice me how can I get rid of these zits and pimples and get clear and glowing skin.
Please tell me about your skin care regime and the products that you are currently using.
small zits whole face problems


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  1. hey consult skin specialist first, bcz evn i dah this prblm recently…so wn i consultd the doctor he said those r bcz of hormonal disturbance in the body….and evn i used biotique bio coconut moisturizer…and aftr using it i felt oily…so i stopped…and those zits i got aftr using it…

  2. I agree with ana! These things r a result of high sugar and hi fat diet ! U shud also avoid egg n papaya as they r extremely heaty! N plz consult a derm

  3. Hey Palak,

    1. When you start using a new product, don’t use any other new product with it because otherwise you can’t make out which product’s suiting you or breaking out your skin.

    2. Maybe too many toxins are accumulated on your skin from within. Try doing a brisk walk or dance for 15-20 mins regularly.

    3. From my experience, either use multani mitti mixed with filtered water as a face pack every alternate day or keep honey regulalry on your skin for atleast 30 mins and lie down wn u hv honey on ur skin.

    4. I hope u r wearing sunscreen wn u go out and sometimes wearing makeup also for long hours on skin causes zits. This has happened with me some time. Keep changing your puff in the compact if you use any.

    Hope This Helps..

  4. And, I recommened you to use the followin 2 products.. they have given awesome results on everyone I know:

    1. Sebamed Clear Face Foaming face wash
    Price: Rs.630.. But lasts for 3 months when used twice morning and night. Great acne and blackheads treatment, So, totally justified.

    2. AHA Glow face wash. Every alternate night for exfoliation.

    Good diet, your beauty sleep and regular exercise are a must. Products alone won’t help.

    • Thanks a ton Heena for such nice tips they definitely gonna help me. You mentioned that i should lie down if i apply honey on my face what’s the logic behind this? And please from where can I get AHA glow face fash i have never heard of it.

  5. AHA glow is a great facewash, but you get only at the chemists’. Palak, I think you could check your scalp for dandruff. Sometimes, the tiny flecks come down on the face and block the pores. You could also try mud-based face packs which should dry out the ztis.
    But I think the best option would be to see a doctor.

    And yes, avoid using any kind of oil on your face.
    Hope this helps

  6. Thank you Nivedita for your suggestions and piece of advice. Should I stop using Argan oil also, because that’s the only oil i use on face.

  7. Small Zits On Forehead indicates You have Dandruff in your Head or Oily scalp problem. Keep your Scalp clean and Dandruff Free…Then automatically these zits will ran away from you…. :-))
    Also mix Lemon juice + Honey in Equal amount and apply it on your face for 15 mts….Do it regularly will make ur face brightem and pimple free…. :beauty:

      • Yup Ana I forgot to mention it…If I use Lemon juice directly on my skin…I will get some allergic…caz my skin sensitive….I always use it in a diluted form only….. :-))

        • Thanks Radha for your suggestion, I don’t have dandruff but yes I have oily scalp, i wash my hair thrice a week, will definetly try lemon and honey mixture, i had tried it in past and luckily m not allergic to it 🙂

          • If you have oily scalp, more reason to get a check up. I myself have a similar condition where the fine flecks don’t show up to the naked eye, but sticks onto the scalp instead which is not visible rightaway. I have had loads of breakouts and even an eye infection. I got checked for my skin and the doctor, after taking a look checked the scalp. In fact I did not know that I actually had dandruff. You condition sounds similar to mine which is why I suggested that 🙂

  8. cetaphil cleanser and benzoyl peroxide 2.5% on pimples or zits .Drink atleast 5 litres of water . It will cleanse your stomach . I had same problem 2 months back .My skin is combination . Had small zits only near my chin .I kept putting different facepacks . Then they started becoming small white heads and pimples .Went to dr. and he gave erythromycin and antibiotics . but it become worse . then i used the above mentioned things and thank almighty my skin is saved . plz do not put any oil on face for some time aswell. Use multani mitti facepack with rosewater. Don’t put any readymade facepacks aswell for few days . use besan ubtan instead .

    • Even I got Erythromycin and Faceclin gel from my Derma 🙂 My skin is clear now just one or two very minute zits on forehead I have 🙂
      I also tried different advices from different people but it did not work much so I went to the derma and now I am very happy in my skin.
      Go to the Derma Palak he/she will help you out ^_^

  9. Thanks Kirandeep for your suggestion, I have heard a lot about cetaphil cleanser I think I should give it a try. my God 5 litr water means many trips to washroom :laugh:

  10. Use of alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) may cause skin irritation and sun sensitivity. Symptoms include redness, burning, itching, sensitivity and pain. Scarring may also occur in people with darker colored skin pigments. A good sunscreen should be used with alpha hydroxy acid products.

  11. ya , its detoxification . I did it for 3 or 4 days , after that I felt very good and clean from inside . I went to a naturopathy consultant , he told me to do this .


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