Smart Beauty Tricks To Save The Skin In Winters


Smart Beauty Tricks To Save The Skin In Winters

While the weather turns its spin of chill towards us, we must ensure we are doing enough to combat the weather. I understand, it is easier said than done but winter season makes one deprived of everything we could do in summers like feel early morning fresh air or leave your skin naked with just the sunscreen and feel the sun. Well, not anymore, we can still do it and take care of our skin amidst the weather. One needs to follow a regime of keeping the skin healthy and rest all shall fall in place.

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The tricks are simple to follow and there is nothing extraordinary required to be done, but the effects shall stay a put and make you sail through the weather like a cake walk. Read, how!

Keep yourself hydrated

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This is the basic rule! Drinking lots of water always helps. During winters, we often negate or avoid water reducing it to a minimum quantity but it is all wrong that we are doing to our body. Our metabolism demands stay the same irrespective of the weather and we must, therefore follow the rule of drinking water in apt quantity. This would ensure our skin stays hydrated too. We do not develop dark circles thanks to our blood circulation being normal.

Eat healthy fats

Eating a lot of eggs, fish or peanuts can help you regain lost luster due to the weather. These fats give the necessary oil that our body needs and keep it nurtured throughout the season.

We must increase our intake of these fats during the winters as these food items are collagen rich which gives our skin the necessary health making it free from wrinkles by preventing them to appear.

Don’t forget to moisturize

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As I always maintain, moisturizing your skin is pretty essential. One must not forget to moisturize hands, arms, legs and lips along with the face. Often we miss the other parts of the body and keep focusing on our face alone which is doing unfair to our body parts. Moisturizing keeps the hydration of skin intact and makes our skin beam even during the heavy sun days. It is advisable to follow a proper skin care regime during nights as it is best to do so while you sleep. Also, do not forget to use the right moisturizer depending on your skin type.

Don’t avoid sunscreen

Winter sun is equally dangerous as is the summer sun. We should continue using our sunscreen to avoid unnecessary tanning. Always consider using SPF 30 sunscreen to avoid skin damage or dryness.

Cover yourself

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It is very necessary for your skin to retain the moisture and hydration that you imparted to it using the creams and sunscreens. Now covering it with gloves and hats, as applicable is also necessary to prevent the dry and chilly wind from ruining the hydration in one go.

Our skin, hair etc. all get dried and damaged during the winter and so it is all the more necessary for us to follow a skin care regime as we do in summers. We must ensure to do all that we can do to combat the bad effects of the weather. There is nothing wrong in doing good to our skin and we should do it all costs.

Have you tried these beauty tricks before?

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