Smart Makeup Hacks For Every Woman


Smart Makeup Hacks For Every Woman

Makeup is an art and those who master this art of making a face look naturally beautiful are no less than any other artist! Someone who can foresee your looks with makeup is surely a talented person because they have the imagination that far!

One should always keep experimenting with the makeup art so as to innovate some useful tips and tricks to help others achieve a professional perfection in their makeup techniques because everyone cannot go to a makeup artist unless it is a special occasion!

So here are some of the very smart makeup hacks for every woman which will make a lot of difference in their makeup looks just be doing few things in a right way!

No Shimmer for oily skin-

my favorite pink blushes

This one goes for the oily skin beauties who are prone to oily T- zone mainly and are constantly looking for makeup items which will solve their oily makeup look! So one thing they can surely do is to avoid any makeup item like blush, foundation, concealer or illuminator which has fine shimmers in it or has a slight amount of sheen!

Loose Powder For a Perfect Finish-

Rimmel Lasting Finish Minerals Review + loose powder

You must have heard about the finish compact powder which is usually used to give a finishing touch to your makeup! Well, many makeup artists swear by the use of loose translucent powder for a better makeup finish and overall natural look!

Getting DIY Glitter Eyeliner-

Sleek glitter eyeliner review eotd steel

Okay you want to have some glitter on the eyes but are not willing to get a full crease eye look with glitter! Here is what you can do! Take an eyelash glue and apply it on the upper eye line! Now dab an eye brush in the required shade of glitter color for eyes and press it on your eyelids ( where glue was applied) with very less pressure! You can see you have that bling on your eyes! Checkout Anamika’s Glitter makeup for a clear understanding!

Conceal Breakouts with cream concealer-

concealers available in india

Always conceal your dark spots or breakouts with a concealer which matches your skin tone and not the eye concealer which is usually a tone lighter than your actual skin tone!

Use a small eye brush to conceal those imperfections perfectly!

Make use of your Phone Flashlight-

Too Faced Chocolate Galaxy Glam Baked Iridescent Eyeshadow Mocha Meteor Review FOTD+too face

A phone is not only meant to click pictures and selfie but it comes to rescue for many women who want to decide whether a makeup product light a blush, foundation is suitable for their skin tone in every possible way!! Because certain products don’t look great when camera flash fall over the face! So test your makeup in camera flash light and see if it requires any major concealing or blending!

Fill in Sparse Brows-


Make sure to groom your brows at regular intervals and also fill in the sparse brow areas for a natural makeup look because if you are wearing makeup but somehow skipped the brows then your makeup is going to look incomplete!

Use the same color eye pencil for the brows for a more natural look!

Well, I hope you like these makeup hacks for women! Will be sharing more in the coming days!

Have you tried any of these makeup hacks before?

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