Smart Puff Foundation Applicator – Replacement for Beauty Blender?


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Makeup blending is probably even more important than purchasing makeup. We all know how weird we look when we have this unblended foundation on our face that looks cakey. Uurrghh!  :smirk: So we take the help of Makeup blending techniques to get it all done and make our face look even and flawless. Beauty Blenders and makeup brushes have been ruling this makeup blending premises for long but now another technique has come to give a tough competition to them and all thanks go to Aliexpress!  Presenting Amily Smart Puff Foundation Applicator that will make your foundation blending experience better will this be a substitute to our beauty blender? Let’s see!

Smart Puff Foundation Application Details:


12$ or INR 1100.


The Smart Puff foundation machine comes in a beautiful pink, cute packaging which has the machine as well as the 3 puffs in it as well as a massaging cup. Like all Chinese products, the outer packaging is really attractive and looks really classy. But the only thing that can baffle you is the information part of the product. Everything on the product is written in Chinese and so that can make you really confused. So you will have to go to the seller on Aliexpress and read everything in English. The machine is golden in colour and is really handy, lightweight and travel-friendly. You can carry it along with you when you are going out and this will serve to be an all-in-one product both for your skincare and makeup.

What it contains:

It contains a machine, a face massage cup and foundation sponges.

How it works:

You will have to attach the machine to the massaging cup first and then start the machine. It works on a battery and so you can replace the battery when you need it. It gives a very relaxing and rejuvenating experience to the face and if used on a regular basis on the skin at night time, can surely improve the skin texture by improving the blood circulation of the skin.

Then comes the foundation sponges. It blends the foundation effortlessly and you don’t need to make your hands dirty while doing so. But to be very frank, I do feel that you will need to use your fingers at some places to buff in the product flawlessly. God-gifter blender you see!  :laugh:

It makes the foundation look really natural and gives a very even coverage. I personally feel this is really handy and classy product to go for if you are tired of your regular makeup sponges and brushes.

What do I like about this product?

  • The packaging is really classy and cute
  • Comes with a massaging cup to relax your skin
  • Battery fit applicator so that is reusable
  • Blends the foundation perfectly and gives a natural finish
  • You can carry it anywhere as it is lightweight and travel-friendly.

What I dislike about this product?

  • The whole information on the product is in Mandarin language (Chinese language).
  • It is quite expensive
  • Available only on AliExpress.


Can this replace the Beauty Blender?

Well, let me tell you for some really valid reasons!

  1. This is costlier than most beauty blenders available in the market
  2. It is available only on Aliexpress which is difficult to put hands on
  3. It runs on battery and so if your battery is dead, no blending!
  4. It is a Chinese product and so no warranty is there. It can be dead within a month or even last a year. No guarantee!

So, I will say this is a very unique and handy foundation application method but definitely not a replacement to our very own beauty blender. It can be used along with it for a relaxing experience and if you want to try out something different but definitely not a substitute.

You can check the whole video here:


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