Smash Box Full Exposure Travel Palette Photo & Swatch


Smash box Full Exposure Trvel Palette Photo & Swatch

Hi All! Hope you are treating yourself well during this hot weather season! Well, today I have something more to soar your temperatures high. I am sharing with you a photo and swatch view of the awesome Smashbox Full Exposure Travel Palette which I recently got through a friend.

The product is very sleek first of all and it is very easy to be carried with you anywhere and therefore its name is very much appropriately kept. It is not available in India. I got it through a friend who ordered it from You can also check other sites like Sephora for the same.


You would fall in love with it at its first look. The palette is full of beautiful colors and you would love the darker ones at their first glance. I was in love with the shades of shimmer I could find at the top of the palette. There is one color for everyone it seems. The light makeup people who love neutral shades can also expect some great options.

SMASHBOX Full Exposure kit

All the colors are just too good, though I am still to try the light colored ones which I doubt for their proper visibility on my eyes specially during the day time. Though let me try them and I shall come back with my review on the same.

The package is available in two sizes but I prefer the sleeker one. The bigger package costs US$ 49 and has bigger palette with full sized boxes like other brands. While the smaller one is priced at US$ 22 and has smaller sized palette with each color sized at almost 1/8th of the bigger size.

The palette is super slim and easily portable to fit in your carry bags easily which means you can carry it to work easily and use it whenever you can. This is a big positive against many a brands which have big sized packaging only. The bronze and champagne shades look amazing to me and I am just waiting to apply them. I tried some swatches as shared here and the texture looks amazing and buttery soft. I could not resist sharing the post later with a proper review and could not curtail my excitement so you are witnessing my outburst and happiness here. Can’t really wait to try these as soon as possible.

SMASHBOX Full Exposure swatchestexture
On trying the swatches only, I could feel the pigmentation to be appropriate and them being skin friendly due to their softer texture in spite of visible shimmer. I have got it in right time with the wedding season already on its helm. You will soon see a review from me for all the shades and specifically the lighter ones.

Smash box Full Exposure Travel Palette Swatch

SMASHBOX Full Exposure swatches

The color choices are perfect and for a trial at the first go, I feel the smaller pack is reasonable and totally worth the money involved. There is no ambiguity in the fact that I love the pack as it covers all party shades and loud makeup lovers are surely going to have a treat. Those who love neutral shades are also definitely going to like it but as I said I am not sure about them being visible on my eyes.

Till then treat yourself with the pictures I shared. Does anyone have tried the palette? If yes, do share your reviews in comments, we will be happy to know about them.

P.S – I used this palette twice and then swatched Covergirl True Naked Palette and my view point changed..Don’t forget to check it out

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