Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water Review


Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water Review

Hello gorgeous people,

The importance of primers is not an untold story any more, everybody knows how crucial it is to use primer for smooth makeup application and enhance makeup longevity.

How about some primer water? Primer waters are not as popular as the regular primers, so this review will interest you all.


smashbox rimer water details

I recently got the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water and have used it for a significant period to review it. I am in two minds with this primer water.

Read on to know how it fared.

About  Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water:

Think priming benefits, hydration and sheer radiance—all in just 1 spritz! Primer water is free of silicone, alcohol and oil, but it’s packed with revitalizing electrolytes to wake up skin and restore moisture—like a supercharged energy drink for your skin. Passed through positive energy fields during the production process, our enriched water instantly absorbs into skin for lasting hydration (and when skin is hydrated, makeup looks better).

Back in 2000, Smashbox founder and photographer Davis Factor developed our iconic Photo Finish Foundation Primer to help makeup look better and last longer on shoots. Fast forward 15 years and a new icon is born: Photo Finish Primer Water. It’s everything you love about the original primer in our lightest, purest, most refreshing form imaginable. From the silky-smooth texture of the original, to the super-fine mist of this new water, now there’s a primer for everyone.


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Key Features-

  • Silicone-free. Alcohol-free. Oil-free.
  • Creates the sheerest canvas for makeup application
  • Wakes up skin, leaving it vibrant and radiant for hours
  • Restores moisture and hydrates skin for hours—shine free!
  • Refreshes throughout the day
  • Perfect for all skin types

Price– $32

Directions To use-

Mist on this multitasking water in 3 ways:

  • Prime to create our sheerest canvas for makeup application
  • Set your makeup to lock on your look
  • Refresh throughout the day to wake up skin
  • Hold bottle eight to 10 inches from the face and mist evenly
  • For an extra refreshing, ultra-cooling mist, store in the fridge


smashbox primer water

My experience with Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water:

Packaging: This face primer water comes in a transparent bottle with a black spray nozzle covered with a transparent cap. The spray nozzle enables direct spraying of the primer over face, without any hassle.


smashbox primer water packaging

Texture: This face primer water is transparent and has a water based consistency which is light weight and non-greasy.

My Take: To begin with, let me start with my complains. First and foremost this does not work as a primer in any way. It is not hydrating. Looks like the brand totally misguided me with all the wrong claims and name. Considering the high price, I do not wish to use it as a mist.

After so much of complains nobody will expect any good about this product. But after all the shocking negative points I have few things that will surprise you.

I actually like using this product and use it after applying foundation and powder. It gives me that natural sheen and yet mattifies the makeup.

It is a product which can be rated as a hit or miss only on basis of how you intend to use it. A miss if looking for a primer purpose product but a hit if looking for makeup mattifier, which does not mattifies face to make it dull but imparts some natural sheen along with it.

It sets my makeup well and rejuvenates my skin. I spray it and in a minute it is set.

Overall this is a decent product to work for makeup setting purpose and mattifying makeup, great for oily skins.


smashbox photo finish primer


What I Like About Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water:

  • Nice and convenient packaging.
  • Imparts a natural sheen.
  • Mattifies makeup really well.
  • Sets makeup.
  • Great for oily skins.

What I Don’t Like About Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water:

  • Does not hydrate.
  • Does not work as primer.
  • Does not stand up to all its claims.
  • Expensive.

Rating: 3.5/5

 Will I Recommend: Yes I will recommend it to oily skinned girls but will definitely not repurchase it.

Have you tried Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water?

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  1. Oh dats disappointing as its marketed as a primer.. I have started using skindinavia’s primer spray.. Hope dat turns out better dan dis..


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