Smashbox Red Carpet Radiance Palette: Review, Swatches


Smashbox Red Carpet Radiance Palette: Review, Swatches

Hi All,

Well, i guess by now all of you must have a good idea of how much i shop from Ebay so this won’t come as much of a surprise….I got this off Ebay as well…hehe! This was an impulse buy and th eminute i saw 5 blushes in a single palette I couldn’t control myself and jumped at it! :))

Smashbox Red Carpet radiance blush palette_5 shades

What Smashbox  Product Claim:

  • Red carpet glam. Two shimmering blushes, two matte blushes, and one Fusion Soft Lights for cheeks create this all-in-one palette that’s sure to get you noticed.
  • Red Carpet Radiance Palette in VIP, with 0.19-oz Soft Lights in Shimmering Quartz, a creamy pink with high pearl; and blush in Matte Flush, a golden beige; Shimmering Flush, a pink with warm shimmer; Matte Raspberry, a matte cool pink; and Shimmering Raspberry, a shimmering cool pink.

Smashbox Red Carpet radiance_blush palette

  •  Price: $40 approx. However I got the unboxed palette for 900 INR.

My take on the Smashbox Red Carpet Radiance Palette:

  • Packaging:This palette is rectangular shaped and is slim and very compact. It slides easily into my purse as well. I wouldn’t suggest anyone carry this during travel since the powders r quite soft and stand a chance of breaking with ease. The palette also has a mirror which is very convenient for touch ups.

Smashbox Red Carpet radiance blush palette

  • Color, Pigmentation & Texture:I went all crazy when I saw the shades since I’d wanted all these shade and fantabulously so I got them all in a single palette! Lets have a closer look at the colors:

Smashbox Red Carpet radiance blush palette_1st 2 shades

  • Shimmering Flush: The first shade is a shimmer finish beige shade with hints of coral. This one is the least pigmented of all 5 shades However, I don’t mind this since I’m very wary of such shimmery blushes and use a tiny bit only.
  • Matte Flush: The 2nd shade is a true coral shade with a matte finish. Its so heavily pigmented that if you’re not careful, you could end up looking like an Orange! The first time I used this, I went a bit overboard and Hubby started laughing uncontrollably and made me stand in front of a mirror with better lighting to see my ‘Karamaat!’ Harumph!! Needless to say he had to make up for HIS faux pas (despite the fact that he saved me from going out like that in public) by taking me shopping :)) :)) So, since then I’ve used this with a light hand and prefer using a fan brush for this.

 Smashbox Red Carpet radiance blush palette_2nd 2 shades

  • Shimmering Raspberry: This is a light berry pink with a frosty finish. I don’t use this shade much because of it shimmer ofcourse and also since it has mild blue undertones which makes me look paler than usual. It is decently pigmented and would look pretty on a lot of skin tones.
  • Matte Raspberry: This has to be my most favorite of all 5 shades. Its a deep raspberry shade and is the most pigmented of the lot. It’s completely matte with a velvet finish. This is the best and the most dangerous of all 5 shades since it takes no effort at all to look like a clown with this shade…Again, I prefer using a fan brush to apply this.

  Smashbox Red Carpet radiance blush palette_highlighter

  • Shimmering Quartz: This is the highlighter and I have to say one of the best ones I’ve come across…It has just the right amount of shimmer and is velvet soft in texture. I just sweep a tiny bit from above the apples of my cheeks to the temples and I’m done. It lends a beautiful glow which is appreciable to say the least.
  • Staying Power: The highlighter (Shade 5) stays on my cheeks for about 3hrs before fading completely. The matte blushes (Shades 2 and 4) stay the longest for about 7-8hrs which is commendable and the shimmery shades (Shades 1 and 3) remain for a max of 5hrs after which they fade steadily.

Smashbox_Red Carpet radiance blush palette

  • Price: I find this palette outrageously pricey and would never ever buy it at its original price. If bought abroad, this comes with a blush brush as well but it hasn’t been rated very highly and some have complained of the neck of the brush being loose and fragile. So while hunting for this I ensured I was not getting the brush with this which further pulled down the price. Additionally, I would not pay the original price for this because all the shades are not worth it. I’d alternatively suggest that if you like any of the shades, then the single blushes are also available by their name as mentioned. So you need not buy all 5 shades and can pick the one you like best.

Smashbox Red Carpet radiance blush palette_swatches

Pros of Smashbox Red Carpet Radiance Palette:

  • The temptation of getting so many finishes of such gorgeous shades is too much to resist.
  • Comes with a mirror
  • The texture of the powders is soft and velvety.
  • It’s very compact and slim and easy to slip into my purse.
  • Good staying power.
  • Get a plethora of shades, from pinks, raspberries, corals to a highlighter.

Cons of Smashbox Red Carpet Radiance Palette:

  • Availability is a huge problem. This brand is not available in India
  • Wish it came with a brush
  • Its extremely pricey although it can be bought for less if you’re ready to buy it unboxed.


  • Pigmentation: 4/5
  • Packaging: 5/5
  • Staying Power: 3.5/5
  • Availability: 2.5/5
  • Price vs. Quality: 3.5/5

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  1. WOW ZARA ….. this is just sooooo WOW … and how do you find good deals alwaysssss :smug: :smug: :smug: :smug:
    no wonderrrr you are certainly the biggest blushoholic of all time :dance-leftright: :dance-leftright: :dance-leftright: :dance-leftright:

    • hehe….thanx Rash 🙂 glad u liked it…i really luv the raspberry shade? which one did u like the most?

      i dig and dig and dig re…tabhi m lucky sometimes…otherwise it becomes hard t shell out so much for a product u cant see or touch na..

      • i loveddddd second coral one and highlighter the most and the fact it has so many color choice is amazingggg 😀 D:
        i sware i never would have thought of buying from Ebay but have convinced me enough to go and surf :kissing: :kissing: :kissing: :kissing: :kissing:

        • kuch try karo Rash….its takes some time t get used to it but once u get the hang of it, its nice and simple….

          haan….coral bahut pretty hai…and so pigmented! its a nice palette to reach for surely..

  2. Hey Zeee…. kitne saare blushes… am not surprised you jumped at it 🙂 🙂
    I am lovin the clown wala shade 😀 😀 Actually the shimmery shades are awesome… can they be used as eyeshadow??? ?:-) :-/

    • haha! Mals!! u liked the clown wala shades!! m laughing as i read this… 😉 yeps..they can be used as e/s…infact i think they’d work perfectly that way…

      i couldnt help myself when i saw 5 shades ka palette and that too for such a bargain…i dint even think twice 😉

    • thanx Sam…i too feel pretty lucky to get such shades….corals and pinks and a highlighter to booth! all this in one palette…..kinda like a must have for travel 🙂

        • well, i dunno y i always gravoitate towards blushes…no matter how many lippies and liners r around i always end up at the blush counter…Blushes…hmm..m not too sure but an approx figure id have t say would be around 70-80 i guess…not sur……


            70-80 blushes? how do u even choose which one to wear??? hahahahhahaahaha… I would go crazy only!!!! 😛

            • hehe…i dunno re…i just pick one…i kno m crazy about them, but its honestly my only major weakness…i like all things make up…but when it comes to make up my brain caves in and i am left with no sense of reason 😉

              • hehe….i try not to buy dupes….most of the shades i have r different in shade, texture or finish… luvi my blushes!! they r my babiess!!! 🙂 🙂

                • MY God !!
                  U r truly crazy about blushes Zara!!!
                  what will u do with these blushes dear.
                  have u arranged it by its date of expiry ?
                  If not I urge you to do so
                  where do u store these blushes ?
                  Jyoti Loved the idea of donating blushes :rotfl:

                  • hehe…Mitha..i actually do know the expiry dates so no probs….long time to go…i actually hav given off some of my blushes to cousins and relatives..especially those which only had a year more to live 😉 😉

                    i store them in drawers, those plastic dabba’s with dividers, palettes..any possible ways actually..any ideas?

                    • good u r too wise Zee !!
                      lucky cousins !!!
                      i used to keep my make up in organizers .but my son is too smart he pulls the drawer of the organizer and U know what he did ?
                      he just opened my lakme lip love lipbalm and digged inside
                      broke my lotus emulsion which is a glass jar by itself
                      throw off my one and only mascare outside the window !!
                      so what more can I ask?
                      hence i store them in tight plastic containers

                    • OMG!!! so much destruction???? m amazed!!! but then its something thats sorta expected from boys…but a glass bottle?!?!?!?! hehe..m speechless!

  3. thanx MOKP…i knew ud like the raspberry shade…its my fav too 🙂 🙂

    cheek swatches how can i do with 5 shadeS? id end up lukin like a paarot 😉

    • haan…i saw the pics! reply bhi kara tha..nahi mila?

      i was like wow!!! itna mast hai..and it looks also so unusual! gud choice mokp 🙂 🙂

      hehe…5 diff pics???? lekin kitne baar face saaf karu? itne baar wapas sab lagana too lazy :)) :)) apni mann ki aankhon se imagine kar lo na pls 😉

      • hehe…in my opinion, no blush is the wrong blush shade unless it turns out chalky..hehe…warna, i dont do bhed bhav..i luv alllllllllll of them 😉

        haan..pls review karna soon…wud luv t see it and how it works…it even looks so impressive!

  4. good morning ladies!!! TGIFFFFFFF.. :tap-dance: :tap-dance: me dont want to stay on wiseshe as much as possible :-))

    this Smashbox brabd looks pretyt neat. me going to resist doing any shopping today :nono: :nono:

    • hey Vish…this is a nice palette for daily and evening wear…so it kinda emcompasses all the finishes one wud need…but price is like so crazy na?

      ill pakka let u gals know next time…when i got this, i wasnt even a Wiseshe-er 😉

      • wooha…really?? so you are like super smart!! u know what? i travelled to Paris and had no clue abt WS back then…i didnt buy a single thing 🙁 now i feel so dumb!! :wallbash: :wallbash:

        • wow! u visited paris???? cool!! id have bpught so much…but then again m not sre…ive heard things r pretty pricey there na?

          no need to feel dumb ya…we still have alot of things for our disposal…and now that ur ‘wise’ 😉 the next time u go anywhere ul have a gud idea of what to go and what to avoid 🙂

    • i feel the exact same way whenever i see blushes…i wish there weren’t so many blushes in the world..then i wudnt feel the urge to hav all of them! 😉

      btw, its Friday!!!! happy time!!! 😉

    • Thanx Naf….Me too wish it werent so pricey…then alot more ppl wud have gotten to try it..and the funny thing is…that the shadesaren’t really worth such a high price…as in , they aint mineralized shades r combi shades or baked….i dunno wot they were thinking while doing the pricing..

    • hehe….so true…but i still doubt anyone wud buy this for such a high price….hehe..the colors r gorgeous tho…which kinda shades do u wear naf?

  5. to be honest….i dont remember ever buying blush :flush: The only blush i own is a TBS 1 wich i believ has expired. After reading urs n ana’s blush reviews i decided its about time i bought 1 n went to get lakme cheek artist. But i returned empty handed when i discovered it had shimmer :-((

    • i agree…there r so many fakes out there..and when its a foreign product its even harder to make out which is genuine and which isnt…

  6. I like the very first one on your wrist (extreme left) … nice shade
    And u’re so good in judging which brush to use… I have only one big thick brush for blush… will be a complete dodo to understand tht one needs fan brush for applying this way and another brush for applying tht way ?:-) … so now u aren’t just a shopping queen but a blush guru too 😉 :king: :worship:

    • Hey Sara…i too luv corals…but in this palette i luv the raspberry the most..then the corals.. 🙂 🙂 do u have any other corals which r ur fav?

  7. really? ive very rarely seen gals who dont like pinks…mostly everyone likes pinks and ignores the other shades..hehe…if u had to name ur bestestestest! coral shade, which one wud it b?

  8. Woooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Zeeeeeeeeeeee
    OMG!!! So many blushes in ONE!!! :jittery:

    And coools shades na! Wowwww!!! You’ve got such cool deal too!!! :tap-dance:

    • seriously Paddy…even i cudnt believe my eyes when i saw it…and the highlighter is also so amazing….one of the best ive used in fact..


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