Smokey Eye Makeup Step-By-Step


Smokey Eye Makeup Step-By-Step

There is no one way to do a smokey eye. Some girls use only eye shadows on lids while others like to use a mix of eye shadows and gel eyeliners along with kohl pencils. Whatever is your way of doing a sultry smokey eye, the thumb rule is to never look like you have been punched in the eyes 😛

Smokey eyes are not limited to black colour. Smoke can be of any shade in your sexy look. You can wear brown, navy, forest green, plum and grey smokey eyes to name a few. As black smokey eye is most popular, I will give you steps to achieve a black smokey eye makeup. I do smokey eyes this way as I find this method super easy and I also get good results (or so I think).

These are the basic Smokey Eye Makeup Steps-

best smokey eye makeup tips



smokey eye steps

Start by applying an eye shadow primer all over your lids. Apply some under the eyes as well. A primer makes makeup last longer and also stops it from creasing.


Use a concealer to cover dark circles under eyes. You can use corrector before concealer if your dark circles are very prominent. Dab some translucent powder on top of concealer. This powder is to be dusted off at the end. The purpose of powdering is that any fall out stays on top of powder only. When you dust the powder off in the end, the fall out is also dusted away with that.

Use a fan brush to dust off the powder or wipe it lightly with a tissue.



smokey eye makeup tips

Take a black gel eyeliner (or a black kohl pencil that smudges easily) and apply it all over the eyelids staying clear from crease. Smudge a little. Top it with a matte black eye-shadow. You can skip gel eyeliner if you find blending it difficult but applying a dark base gives much better results. Apply only a matte black eye shadow on lids in that case.

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Leave no gap between your lash line and base colour.




Take a fluffy blending brush and dip it in a matte brown eyeshadow. Use it to blend the colours on lids. Use the same brown eyeshdow to define your crease.


Highlight your brow bone with a gold based eye shadow. Use the same colour in the inner corners of eyes.


Take matte black eyeshadow on an angled brush and go over your lower lash line with this. Do not make a very dark line. Keep it light and smudgy looking.

Apply eyeliner on the upper lash line. Do not make it very thick. Line your water line with a gel liner or kohl pencil.

Finish Up

Curl your lashes and apply masacara. Do not forget to define your eyebrows.

smokey eyes

Did you like this smokey eye makeup look?

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