Smokey eyes tutorial with step by step pictures


In my last How to do smokey eyes tutorial I used shimmery eyeshadow for a night look. This time I thought of  experimenting the same look with an matte eye shadow.The key to smokey eyes is to blend all the colors properly.

Things which you will need to create smoky eye look are:-

Eye primer(If you do not have one then apply some apply foundation and baby powder over it)
Make up brushes
2 eye shadows(A light and a darker one)
eye shadow curler and Mascara

Step 1– Start with an eyeshadow base . Applying eye shadow removes oil from the eye lids and keep eye shadow from melting into your eyelid crease.

Step2 – Apply a soft black eye liner above the upper lash line.This time I have covered the whole eye lid with the black.You can use any black eyeliner, kajal or eye shadow.I have used loreal kohl here.

Step 3 – I used this Deorah Milano  khaki color which is in matte form.Tried this brand for the first time and I am quiet liking it.Will review it soon.

Step 4 – Apply the khaki color using a brush and cover the whole eye lid (starting from your lash line and applying it into your crease). Blend the color so that eye liner disapears.

Step 5– Now take any high lighter which compliments the eye shadow and your skin tone.I am using MAC eye shadow – rice paper.

I used this highlighter from the crease till my brow bone.Blended all the colors.

Step 8 – Apply the khaki color on the lower lashline as well.Finish it off with a black eye liner, kajal, and mascara.If you have an eye lash curler then do not forget to use it.I used Shahnaz Kajal as  an eye liner with loreal waterproof mascara.

Smoky eye make up tip -Make sure your eyes match and use a Q-tip, if needed.

    Do you have any smoky eye make up tips to share?

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  1. first time even i agree with you Radhika 😀

    the second eye shadow color which I used didn't complimented the look much. I should have used the brown in the crease and then the high lighter..when ever i try some thing new I always post it thinking it will show my make up journey to every one 😛

    silly of me but i think this way only:D
    My recent post Make up tips-Concealer application

  2. naah it is not blue…may be the eyeshadow color is making it look that way..
    My recent post Make up tips-Concealer application

  3. Know Anamika..I actually liked the one with Lakme black…but thats just my own preference 😀 This is good too but somehow I am still stuck with that one – maybe I saw that first naa 😀 Loved the idea of using kajal as base 😀 Me seen it before too but I never try all these looks….you have a lot of fun with makeup naaa 😀

  4. nice you try and show everything…and thank goodness you didn't mind me telling I didnt like this one like the other one 😀 😀 Its nice you know you don't act all sorry sorry wanted to do the look you nice attitude 😀

  5. no …u lying…:D

    u post all the healthy recipes..just waiting to try the almond sandwich..
    My recent post Make up tips-Concealer application

  6. great job…you are very creative dear….have you used blue eyeliner here?
    hey khaki shade is looking different…give it's review…and please try it with some other shades on you eyes…thanks

    hey how can i follow didn't tell me the way…I'm confused..I get your new post by twitter only.
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  7. Nice Khaki shade…you know what ,i always get scared of using smokey eyes….cause i feel it doesnot go well with my indian dresses. Can you please show a smokey eye tute to go with salwars/kurtis…

    I do most of the experimenting when i'm wearing westerns(read weekends) but get bogged down when it comes to indian attire. All i do is use lots of Kajal (on both upper and lower las line), curl my lashes and put mascara….use some glossy lip balm/tinted lip balm. Can you think of making my daily look (office wear-as per hyd standards)…you know what i mean….dont want people to get scandalised with my makeup..hehe

  8. Lolz..actually when i came to hyderabad even i was upset that no body wear make up here..but i am glad that few of my friends here do love make up…I shop with them so they have started loving the make up more..

    i will do a tutorial which has a subtle looking smoky eye look..:)

  9. if u r not comfortable in applying the liquid eyeliner than first line your upper lash line with a pencil eyeliner and then apply liquid eyeliner over it…this way it will come out better:)
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