Smoky brown eye look for office or college

Smoky eyes doesn’t mean that it has to be black all the time.You can use any eye shadow of your choice to create the look.Intensity of the color totally depend upon you.I personally like dark smoky eye look at night .Smoky eyes are so inn that girls have started wearing it during the day as well but in little tone down way.



This look is pretty easy and will hardly take 10 minutes or less .The trick is pretty simple make the color dark and intense on the upper lash line and fade it as you go up.(This is not my final look though as I havent used any mascara or eyeliner in the above pic.)

If you likes the look then you can follow the following steps


  1. Hmm..this is something I can try. My eye makeup is eyeliner (pencil) and mascara..that's it. I can start with something simple like this for eyeshadows…and you look great!

  2. I like to concentrate more on eye-look… I just apply the eyeliner (pencil) on upper/lower lash line but dont smudge it…pretty doubt whether rubbing skin will cause wrinkles 😉 I will try your steps ….Vidhya

  3. @ Tanveer–Thanks buddy…It is one of the look which I am completely loving [email protected] Rads-Eye make ups are always simple to do it is just that we are pretty hesistant in going out with it..Let me know how it turns out.Thanks for liking me Rads..You made my day.:)@Hey Pinki ..welcome to my blog..I dont think so it will cause wrinkles at all..but all of us are scared about something or the other when it comes to make [email protected] cute-Thanks cute for liking me and passing by..Loved all your comments girlsThanks for passing byHave a great day aheadRegradsAnamika


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