Smoky Eyes & Nude Lips : Dusky Skin FOTD


Smoky Eyes & Nude Lips : Dusky Skin FOTD

Hello Wise She Beauties, How are you all? Well, today I have yet another look to share with you all and this time, I have tried my personal favorite combination of the Smoky Eyes & Nude Lips makeup look after a while and so wanted to share with you all.

Smoky nude lips eye makeup

I am blessed with dusky Indian skin tone and so it gives me a lot of liberty to flaunt some great makeup combinations. Being proud of my skin color, I try to achieve the makeup looks which the average Indian skin tone will be able to flaunt and which don’t promote being fair to look beautiful.

When it comes to makeup looks, I am certainly biased for the smoky eyes & nude lips makeup combination because it looks too stylish and will suit any time, be it a day or night makeup!

nude lips smoky eyes eotd

Although, on certain days when I am not sure of what makeup look should I go for, I pick up a bold red lipstick and a kohl eyeliner for the winged eye look! It definitely is the sexy combo which cannot go wrong on any given day and any outfit.

Smokey Eye Look

Talking about the smoky eye look, this time I tried an ashy grey shade on my eyes with a subtle nude pink shade on my eye-crease! I applied lots of kohl on my waterline to complete the eye-look.

eye makeup indian smoky eyes

The best combination with smoky eyes in a subtle nude pink or peach shade with a glossy finish to make the lips appear fuller and natural so that your eyes attract the attention and the overall makeup looks almost close to natural. Here I opted for a lovely nude pink lipstick which is NYX Creamy Round Lipstick B52 which I will be reviewing in the upcoming days.

nude lips smoky eyes fotd

I really liked how the makeup was in close sync with my outfit and that the subtle smoky eye look looked so fresh! This is a perfect look for a casual day outing or a chit chat party at a close friend’s place. There is nothing too loud about this makeup look and everything looks very natural.

smoky eyes nude lips fotd

I hope you like this look! Also, if you want me to attempt some makeup look of your choice then do tell me in the comments section below and I will surely see if I can try it for you guys!

Till then stay gorgeous and I will be coming up with more such looks!

Have you tried the Smoky Eye & Nude Lips makeup before?

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      • Love your look anamika! i love your nude lip LOTD 😀
        i wish to wear red lips often, but i am not allowed to as of yet 😛
        so my first choice is to play with heavy kohl and nude or bright ponk lips 🙂

        stil wishing to learn how to use shadows for smokey makeup! *sigh*

  1. I got that from Ws sale..:) I like this kind of hair style as it goes well with most look and its easy to do ..With hair straightening i tend to lose lot of hair .:D

    More so experimenting with hair is lot of fun too 🙂 Completely changes the look.:)

  2. Hi Anamika! This is my first comment on wiseshe! I always see the beautiful looks you create. Love your FOTD posts! You look beautiful like always! xx


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