Soap & Glory Butter Yourself Up Review



Soap & Glory Butter Yourself Up

Soap & Glory Body Butter, I had bought during my stay in UK, that too when there were Christmas offers going on then. Some more Soap & Glory products I bought along with this tub are The Daily Smooth Body Butter and Flake Away Body Scrub.

Package: It is a pink circular tub with a screw cap. Once you screw open the cap it is all open for you to dip finger and scoop out some of it. You can also maintain a spatula or a spoon to remove out the body butter if you are too concerned about dipping your finger every time.


soap and glory body butter


Since this was a small travel sized tub, there wasn’t much of the body butter in it and it finished off pretty soon for me.

With king sized tubs, hygiene is really a matter to consider seriously.

Texture: For my dry skin, the body butter was not thick enough. It seemed little watery when I used to apply on the skin. The texture wasn’t moisturizing enough for my skin.

If it was only this body butter I relied upon, I think I would have emptied this tub if just 4 days. But since it wasn’t thick enough, I had not used very often. Even then I took about one month to finish this tub.


soap and glory bodybutter


Fragrance: This is what made me us this product again inspite of no much moisturizing power to this body butter.

It smells really good. Just screw open the tub and sniff it, you cannot resist from buying this, no matter how it performs on your skin.

Availablity: Soap & Glory skin products are not easily available in India, unlike those products of Lakme, Ponds, Himalaya.

Staying Power: For dry skin, this will definitely not help much except for the fragrance and the cute pink package. For moderately normal skin, this is a good choice. It is not sticky and hence can be easily used at any time.


soap and glory body butter swatch


Rating: 3/5 (since it is not moisturizing enough for dry skin)

What I like about Soap & Glory Butter Yourself Up:

  • Cute pink packaging.
  • Travel friendly size tub.
  • Excellent fragrance.
  • Non-sticky moisturizer

What I don’t like about Soap & Glory Butter Yourself Up:

  • Not moisturizing enough for dry skin.
  • Not easily enough in India.

Have you tried Soap & Glory Butter Yourself Up?

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