Soft Hands – Four easy soft hand remedies

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Who doesn’t want soft hands that every one compliments moment they touch  or glance at them? But during fall and winter months our hands are affected the most. Lotions and creams do help but they give temporary result and you need to constantly apply them. I haven’t come across any dry hand cream which will keep my hands moisturized whole day long. The biggest reason is that we woman are always engrossed in something or the other and applying hand cream every time when you wash your hand is not possible for every one at least not for me.
If you are suffering from extremely dry hands then by following some of these herbal and natural home remedies you can help you in getting rid of the dry hand problem.
Like our face even our hands requires exfoliation. It is necessary to remove dry skin on the hands so the soft new skin can replace that. You can use any of your body or skin scrub for that I find them giving almost the same effect. After exfoliation you can follow any of the DIY remedies to get those beautiful hands.
1.      Take 2tbsp of olive oil in a glass bowl and add 1tsp of lavender oil in it. Now rub the oil mixture on both of your hands and form a nice thick layer. Wrap your hands in the warm towel and let them stay in the towel for five minutes. Now wash your hand with a mild soap and love your soft skin. You can give this remedy a try every 4-5 days. Your requirement of hand cream will be reduced as they stay soft for 3-4 days easily.
2.      This remedy you can follow on Sunday or any weekday when you have free time at your disposal. After you are done with your shower slather your hand with coconut oil. Wrap your hand with a towel to remove off the excess oil and getting the coconut oil imbibed in them. After this wear your old sock on your hand and relax for five – ten minutes. Coconut oil will soften your hand and will make your nails strong too. You can do the same with olive oil as well.
3.      Sunscreen on hands – When ever we go out for long most of us use Sun block (atleast I do) on our face but we forget to apply any sunscreen on our hands. Our hands age like rest of our skin so to avoid wrinkly hands do not forget to apply sunscreen on your hands too.In fact it is pretty easy to follow this.Just get into the habit to apply everything which you use on our face on your hands as well.
4.      Also, if your maid takes lot of leaves like mine then start wearing cotton gloves while cleaning the dishes. If possible get a manicure done in a parlor at least once in a month.If you truly love your hands and feet and have lot pf patience with you then try the DIY home manicure.It is one of the best remedy which I have ever experienced only thing is that it require lot of patience and time.

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  1. nice article… i always forget to apply sun block 🙁 🙁
    and i really got dry hands 🙁 after washing my hands.. i have to have to use a lotion or cream or vaseline.. anything 🙁 and after washing my hands.. its gone again 🙁

  2. i try it regularly! but i have dry hands after washing my hands again! and u know how thick vaseline is 🙁 🙁 i dont feel like using it 5 times a day! 🙁


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