Soha Ali Khan and Kunal Kehmu confirmed their relationship

When ever I heard of Sohal Ali khan and Kumal Kehmu affair I thought they are just rumours.Kunal Khemu who looks like from a humble background,  also a struggler and Soha ali khan the pataudi princess.Sounds interesting but not a relationship which will last long.Like Kareena and Shahid, Kareena the Raj Kapoor grand daughter and Shahid Kapoor a straggler who once didn’t have money to fill his car patrol tank .Kareena soon knew what was going wrong in her life and preferred comfort over love and chose Saif . 
In fact in one of the interview Kareena best friend Amrita Arora said that Kareena is like a princess and she deserves a prince like Saif only.
Any ways Soha now has confirmed her relationship with Kunal Khemu.Soha said, “I am seeing a wonderful actor called Kunal Khemu. And he is lovely. It’s not a secret, but it’s not something that I am going around announcing either. I feel life is incomplete without having someone to share it with. Your happiness is doubled and your sadness, halved, when you share it with someone. It really helps in both situations happy and sad.”
Soha who has seen it all says -”  I don’t demand diamonds or presents, and for that matter not even chocolates and flowers. “Soha parents like Kunal but marriage is not on the cards right now for the couple.
What I liked most was her this statement
“I don’t enjoy walking the ramp at all.Also since I am five feet nothing , I feel drowned amongst those tall models” I have never heard a actress being so honest..Have you?
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