Solve Your Beauty & Skincare Problems Online With


Solve Your Beauty & Skincare Problems Online

Hello Readers, Today I would like to share an amazing online healthcare consultation platform named Lybrate, which is a one stop place to get answers to all the health, beauty, fitness, skincare & pregnancy related concerns!

It amazes me that we live in an age where we can avail the expert services from a panel of experienced doctors, physicians, dermatologists and many more specialists from the comfort of our homes. They are present to answer the common concerns of a huge population through online consultation!

There is also a feature where you can get answers to your concerns FREE of cost. Never google your symptoms, it’s unreliable information instead just simply ask a medical professional.

Since WiseShe deals with mainly beauty and makeup related topics for women, it is quite useful for our readers to share all their skin related issues or any type of skin allergy due to usage of particular makeup product! Not just skin but hair related problems is what worries a large number of women who are subject to high stress levels. Lybrate is a one stop solution for all these concerns.

lybrate online queries

Moreover, one can ask various concerns related to anxiety, insomnia, stress, hormonal imbalances etc . with the experts available round the clock on Lybrate.

As you can see in the screenshot attached I went ahead used this feature for a friend and asked a question. Within a day I got replies by two doctors. I found the replies extremely helpful.

Mobile App

One thing which motivates me to get the mobile application on my cellphone is that in this fast paced life one cannot take out time to visit the doctor every now and then for common concerns. This is also a reason so many women don’t pay heed to the common skin problems and wait for it to gradually treat itself. But with Lybrate online consultation, one can easily share the slightest skin or hair concern with experts and get a suitable advice as to why the condition occurred in the first place and preventive measures for the same.

lybrate online beauty queries

I am sure this app is much more useful than the games or online shopping apps which consume most of the time and storage in people’s cellphone these days!

24*7 Operation

Overall, I really found this app quite useful and easy to operate as it gives an answer to all the queries within 24 hours which is quite good! Just drop in your concerns and wait for the experts to put in their valuable suggestions related to the cause of your health related concern and revert back at the earliest!

I think this app is quite useful for those who have a busy life balancing life between career and family throughout the week! As they get only a single day to relax and have a good time with their loved ones, I am sure the visit to the doctor keeps on getting postponed unless it is very urgent!

So, it’s better to get expert advice at the tap of your fingers and you can rest be assured that your query will surely be answered in a suitable manner by expert recommendations from specialist team of doctors. As you can see in the image the advice given by the doctors is really helpful and makes our mind clear about the issues we are having.

I feel it is quite useful and so I think it is just right to add the widget on the blog so as to help the readers in getting to know about this amazing service and get numerous benefits from it!

One of the amazing features of Lybrate is that it gives a daily dose of the expert health tips on the cellphone itself! You can surely share these tips with friends and family in case they are suffering from similar health issues! Sharing would just be the best thing to do!

If you have common concerns, you don’t need to pay anything and you can get all your answers free of cost.

Easy Consultation

In case, you have a major health or skin concern which needs immediate attention then you can also upload your reports, pictures or have a direct video session with your doctor and get a one to one solution to your concerns at the comfort of your home without even visiting the doctor thereby availing a paid consultation!

I have observed that many people don’t visit the doctor for common skin problems or hair related issues and discuss with a nearby chemist and they give a random medicine for that. I suggest this is not the right thing to do as they don’t have any knowledge about the drug and its various effects on the human body!

Well, this new age online consultation through Lybrate is surely going to reach out to the millions of people with busy life and several skin and hair concerns who are constantly on the move to get an expert advice for their problems!

Do visit and see for yourself. You can download the App as well!

Have you tried using this online consultation service yet?

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