Sonakshi Singha Easy Morning Beauty Routine Decoded!


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Who loves Sonakshi Sinha and her gorgeously flawless skin? I do! Right from her Dabangg days, I love this girl not only for her acting but also for her looks and skin. Though many termed her fat and overweight (body shaming:-( ) I always found her really sweet and chubby (just like me:-P ) She always had this flawless skin going on and I always wondered what is the secret behind it. And so, one fine morning when I got to know her morning beauty regime on Elle India (I will link their video at the end), I thought of sharing this with all my beautiful readers. Dig in if you also want to know what is the secret behind such a beautiful face and skin.


Easy Morning Beauty Routine By Sonakshi Sinha

Drinking a glass of water every morning after waking up not only helps you to get a beautiful skin but also helps to activate the organs. Water also helps to flush out toxins from the body leaving the body healthy and ready to face the world. Sona also follows it religiously and drinks a glass every morning.

  • Cleansing- Toning – Moisturising

CTM or Cleansing-Toning-Moisturising is definitely not an alien term to anyone interested in skin care as all beauty gurus have emphasised on this holy grail ritual twice a day – morning and night. Sonakshi also emphasised it as a ‘must-do step’.

Cleansing helps to keep away dirt and oil at bay and keeps skin squeaky clean.

Toning helps to close the open pores caused by cleansing and thereby helps prevent acne and other skin issues.

Moisturising is another really important step in any skin care routine. Irrespective of the skin type, every skin needs an amount of moisture to make it supple and soft.

When it comes to makeup, Sonakshi’s theory is “Less is More” so less makeup is always her key. She shares her morning makeup routine with us too! Yay!


Applying concealer under the eyes, between the brows, on the bridge of the nose and other elevated portions of the face not only helps to conceal the area but also to highlight it a bit. Sonakshi exactly does that and yes, don’t forget to blend blend blend!

Indian round face needs contouring to make it look sleek and beautiful and Sonakshi exactly does that especially to her jawline. You can see her beautiful jawline here and we know the secret!

When you have concealed your face, make sure to set it with a little bit of setting powder and that’s what Sona does and says.

And she touches up her eyebrows too! Yes, for all those who even today think that eyebrows touch up are nothing, think again. Sonakshi Sinha touches up her beautiful eyebrows and you should too!

For those who think you are the only person who hates retouching her makeup, there is a good news for you. Our very own Sonakshi also hates retouching her makeup and so she prefers a liquid matte lipstick on her lips that stays for long.

Voila! That’s all. Hope you have enjoyed the routine as much as me! Also, don’t forget to read the post on PRIYANKA CHOPRA’S BEAUTY DIY

Check out the video here from Elle India

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