Wise She Magnet – Sonam Kapoor Retro Eyes Femina (April 2013)


Old school glamour is back with a bang.Joyoti Mahanta spots the celebrties who his the bull’s eye with these classic trends and those who missed the mark.



Do Retro Eyes – Sonam Kapoor:-

  • Eyes – Sonam’s retro inspired eyes grab all the attention and have the right touch of drama.The smudge proof liquid liner has been applied skilfully without being OTT.
  • Skin – Well Blended, illuminating foundation and a lossy nude mouth perfectly complement those striking seductive eyes.
  • Hair- Sonam has made sure the focus stays on her peepers.Pulled back into a stylish top knot, this fuss free hairdo is rightfully understated.



Don’t Go Droopy Bhagyashree

  • Eyes – Not only the eye makeup done sloppiy but rather than curving upwards .Following the curve of her lash along the crease of her eye,Bhagyashree chooses to curve it downwards making her eyes droopy and baggy.
  • Skin- She could do with some concealer.The T one is oily and the choice of lip colour doesn’t help her case much better.
  • HairThere is nothing wrong in pulling your hai back into a ponytail but something as simple as that needn’t be done so carelessly.


Product Recommendations:-

1.Rimmel London Exaggerate Eye Line (500)

2.Sisley Paris Phyto Teint Eclat Fluid Foundation (INR6,300),Kiehl’s Superbly Smoothing Argan Shampoo (INR 1390)


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  1. Stunning look! saw a pic of anushka sharma with a similar look and she looked awesome! but a bit tricky to get right esp if you have eyes that r a bit hooded and droopy… I think u need the right eye shape to pull this off. pixiwoo has a nice tutorial on how to do this.

    • If you have hooded eyes then you got to counter it well …If some one has very small eyes then will end up looking as if they have no eyes and black eyeliner on .


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