Sonia Kashuk Lash & Brow Comb Review


Sonia Kashuk Lash & Brow Comb

Hey all beauty geeks!!! It amazes me some time that there is, almost, always a solution for everything. From real life problems to my little makeup worries. 😉 I have decent lashes, but they do generally clump up after applying a good dose of mascara. The plastic lash comb does not help much. And I have still not tried false lashes, so I was on a lookout for something to help me with this issue. I did try few clump-free mascaras, but the perfectionist in me was still not satisfied. 😉 When I heard of metal lash comb, I was intrigued and picked up two from different brands. Today I am going to review one of them – Sonia Kashuk Lash & Brow Comb.


Sonia Kashuk Lash & Brow Comb


About Sonia Kashuk Lash & Brow Comb:

Sonia Kashuk is known for her makeup brushes as well. The company describes the lash and brow comb as:

Price : $4.99.


Sonia Kashuk comb lash & brow usage


My take on Sonia Kashuk Lash & Brow Comb:

Sonia Kashuk Lash & Brow Comb is a very unique tool to have in the makeup vanity. It is a foldable comb that has a brow brush on one side and metal lash comb on another. The brow comb has a usual design as most of the brow brushes. The lash comb is made of metal and have a different shape altogether. The metal teeth are placed such so that they make a curve on the edge and the far most teeth are flared. This is probably for the outermost lashes to give them the maximum flare possible.

I was surprised when I first use this comb. The lash comb separates the lashes beautifully and removes any excess mascara off them. The result is pretty, flared-out lashes without any mascara residue. It comes in handy when I apply two or three coats of mascara and this helps me to fan out my lashes every time. The lash comb is sharp and gets in between the eyelashes to separate them and remove any clumps. The brow brush is decent as well and helps to comb the brow hair.


Lash Brow Comb Sonia Kashuk


Performance: Sonia Kashuk Lash & Brow Comb is effective in keeping the lashes clump-free and the brows neatly groomed. The brow comb has stiff bristles to keep the brow hair neat. The lash comb has metal teeth to separate the lashes. It works fine as well. However, some times, instead of separating the lashes, it might clump the lashes due to the space between the metal teeth. You need to go through certain areas couple of times to remove the clumps.


Sonia Kashuk Lash Brow Comb


Packaging: Sonia Kashuk Lash & Brow Comb has a sleek packaging. It is made of black plastic and has two foldable tabs that have brow comb at one end and a metal lash comb at another end. The comb looks like a bigger sized pen-drive.

Durability: The lash and brow comb is made of plastic, which seems a bit unsturdy at times. I have also experienced a bit shaking of the plastic hinges. So, you need to be a bit careful while opening and closing the tabs, so that you don’t loosen the hinges.


Sonia Kashuk comb lash & brow


What I like about Sonia Kashuk Lash & Brow Comb:

  • Love the idea of metal lash comb.
  • Effective in removing the clumps.
  • Gives a natural flare to the lashes.
  • Foldable tabs.
  • Sleek packaging.
  • Affordable.

What I do not like about Sonia Kashuk Lash & Brow Comb:

  • May clump lashes due to the space between the metal teeth.
  • Need to go over the lashes couple of times.
  • Need to clean the excess mascara off the comb.
  • The flared-up shape is of no use.
  • You need to be careful while using it, so that you don’t poke your eyes.
  • Brow bristles feel little harsh on the skin.
  • The plastic packaging is not sturdy.
  • Unavailability in India.

Final Impression: This is my first metal lash comb. I do like it and will continue using it. The metal comb does work on lashes to give beautiful and clump free lashes. It is definitely worth the price you pay for. However, I will like to try other brands and prefer a comb which works in one straight shot, rather than brushing the lashes again and again. Will recommend to anyone who does not want to spend a lot of money on lash comb or who wants to test the metal comb, before spending more on a higher brand. Recommended!!!

Rating– 3/5

Have you tried Sonia Kashuk Lash & Brow Comb?

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