Soulflower Green Tea & Tangerine Aroma Bath Salt Review


 Soulflower Aroma Bath Salt

About Soluflower Green Tea & Tangerine Aroma Bath Salt:-

“Taking time for yourself goes a long way in relieving the external stresses of life. We combine antioxidant Green tea, refreshing tangerine essential oil, antiseptic honey & lemon extracts for a mind clearing & soul soothing experience you are sure to enjoy! Kick back your shoes & immerse yourself to relax after a strenuous work-out or a long day at work.”

Soulflower Green Tea & Tangerine Aroma Bath Salt Review+Soulflowe Bath Salt Review

Bath Salt Ingredients:-

Lemon & tangerine essential oil, Green tea, Olive Oil, Vitamin E, Sodium Bicarbonate, Sodium Borate, Epsom Salts, Seasalts, Permitted Colourings.


Add just 2 capfuls of Green Tea & Tangerine Aroma Bath Salt in your warm bath for a well balanced nutrition & moisture for the skin. Or dip a towel in a tub of bath salts & hot water & place over aching muscles.


Our formulations offer relief from dry skin, fatigue, stress & muscle pain. These natural mineral salts draw out impurities from your body & stimulate the lymphatic system to eliminate toxins. Green Tea & Tangerine Aroma Bath Salt contain Epsom Salts helps relax sore muscles and joints. Sea Salts relieve muscle and body ache, act as an antiseptic to reduce inflammations and bacteria. Sodium Bicarbonate has soothing properties, relieves itching, soothe insect bites & burns.

  • Price: Rs 350 for 400 gm


My experience with Soulflower Green Tea & Tangerine Aroma Bath Salt:-

I never knew bath salts were so good until I used Soulflower Green Tea & Tangerine Aroma Bath Salt. Soulflower has produced such wonderful salty product! I am sure all other bath products it has released are also great.

 Green Tea & Tangerine Aroma Bath Salt comes in a long transparent plastic bottle. The bottle is not very sturdy and strong. There is a thick white sheet wrapped on to the cover that is sealed with a thread and a flower. This wrapping gives an idea of being close to nature.

 The look and feel of this salt is something like a mixture of big-medium-small crystals of colored salt. The color is bright orange and very attractive. It smells sour and salty.

Soulflower Green Tea & Tangerine Aroma Bath Salt Review+Bath Sea Salt

When dropped into warm water crystals begin to dissolve making the water look orange. The large crystals do not dissolve easily (common senseJ), but the sharpness is gone. These half melted crystals form a good massaging mild scrub to the skin. After scrubbing and bathing with this salt, a thorough rinse with plain water is required; else skin will feel an unusual stickiness. Skin feels fresh and clean after bath. The salt bath moisturizes the skin very well. I am not sure of how effective it is on aching and paining muscles. But on the normal note, my skin is well hydrated, soft, smooth and happy.

Just a bath is making so much of difference. Now, I am wondering how it would feel if I had a spa with these Soulflower spa products.

 Finally, Soulflower Green Tea & Tangerine Aroma Bath Salt is a worth trying product. I am sure all Soulflower bath products are worth trying too.

  •  Rating: 4/5

What I like about Soulflower Green Tea & Tangerine Aroma Bath Salt:-

  •  Bright color
  • Hydrates the skin well.
  • Makes skin soft and smooth after bath.
  • Dissolves in water giving the water a bright orange color.
  • Not dissolved large crystals make a good body scrub

What I do not like about Soulflower Green Tea & Tangerine Aroma Bath Salt:-

  •  If you accidentally let the salt water enter your mouth, then it is a tough time to your tongue.
  • Thorough rinsing of bath salt with water is required, else skin feels sticky.

Have you tried Soulflower Green Tea & Tangerine Aroma Bath Salt?

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