Soulflower Lavender Bath Salt Review


Soulflower Lavender Bath Salt Review by Srilata
I had never used bath salts and was not pretty aware of them until I saw the post in Wiseshe about the advantages and wholesomeness of Bath Salts. Whenever I feel tired, I squeeze a lemon or orange in my bathing water for that refreshing and energizing feel (My Mom suggested this to me 🙂 though I was not satisfied with the result).
Few days back when I was shopping at Shoppers Stop, saw this Soul Flower Bathing Salts at the racks and their attractive packaging and soothing fragrance inspired me to buy it. I choose the Lavender Bath salt as I liked the color and the smell more than the rest of its variants. They are also available in Green Tea+Tangerine, Passionate Water Melon, Ocean Blue etc. I tried it the same night as I was very tired after my shopping 😉 .

Soulflower lavender bath salt
Soulflower lavender bath salt

Its actually purple in color but is appearing blue in the pic. Tried clicking at different places but it’s not appearing as purple.

  • What it claims: It contains pure lavender essential oil that helps with headaches, opening pores, cleansing away dirt,sweat and toxins.Relax your mind and body keeping your skin feeling fresh and soft.
  • Price: Price of the product is Rs 250/- for 400gms.
  • Ingredients: Thai Herbs, Lavender Essential oil, Sodium Bicarbonate, Sodium Borate, Epsom Salts, Seasalts, Permitted Colourings, Olive Oil, Sweet Almond Oil.
  • How to Use: Add 2 capful of this bath salt in your warm bath. Let it dissolve for 10-15 mins for a well balanced nutrition and moisture for the skin.(Color of water looks lovely once salt gets dissolved.)
Soulflower lavender bath salt ingredients and usage
Soulflower lavender bath salt ingredients and usage

My Experience with the Product:
I was instantly in love with this product. It comes in a plastic bottle and the product is like our normal granulated salt. I was completely relaxed and refreshed after taking bath , also relieved me of light pains in the body. Just loved the fragrance. It gave me a feeling as if I had been to a Spa. The best part is that it contains olive oil and sweet almond oil which works wonder for my dry skin. You feel very calm and peaceful after a tiring day.My skin also felt very clean and soothing. It contains Thai Herbs ,names not mentioned but the package says Thai Spa Secrets :).

Soulflower lavender bath salt inside
Soulflower lavender bath salt inside


  • Completely Natural.
  • Helps in eliminating Toxins from the body.
  • Contains Olive Oil and Sweet Almond Oil which nourishes skin.
  • Helps relieving pains and stress from the body.
  • Makes you refreshed and energized.
  • You feel at peace and relaxed. All together a great stress buster.

Cons: For me nothing. I loved the product.

Will I Buy this Again? Yes I will.
I want to explore more on Bath Salts. I am not even aware of many brands in this product line. Can you suggest some good brands?


  1. Great review Sri, even i never used Lavander products thinking abt How will it smell!! 😛 😛
    check out Body shop’s lime & mint bath salt…its very refreshing in summers and will give cool effect..

  2. I have seen soulflower products and used their lavender essential oil too but I donno whether I liked it or not 🙁 kinda confused…donno much about the brand and never read about it anywhere…though it is a Thai brand and is supposedly well established in US, Hong Kong and Dubai according to its website…..would love to dig up some reviews about its products…

  3. Hi,

    I am sometime use Lavender and sometime use Jasmine (in bath), I want to know 2 things

    1. Should I rinse my body with clean WATER after having a bath with these salts.
    2. Can I apply moisturizer over my skin my after bath.

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