Soulflower Organic Wheatgerm Oil Reviews


Hi all!

This post is about giving extra nutrition to your skin and scalp:) Today I  am reviewing Soulflower Organic cold compressed WHEATGERM oil . It  was gift from one of my friend last winter for my super sensitive dry  skin and  it proved as a blessing for me.

Soulflower wheat germ oil review

What the product says :-

  • Organic oil rich in vitamin  A,C and F
  • FACE N BODY:treat minor burns n minor scaring.rub oil directly mon burnt, irritated skin.highly useful in treating,cracked n aging skin. cures skin condition like psoriasis n eczema.
  • MASSAGE: mix with any carrier oil n rub to improve blood circulation
  • CUTICLES:repair torn ragged cuticles with wheat germ oil rub on nails before going to bed each night.
  • Ingredients: light slightly yellowish  organic oil with a soft smell
  • Price- Rs. 250 for 30 ml
How to use Soulflower Organic Cold Compressed Wheatgerm  oil
  • It is my HG in winters. i love it for its texture.
  • I use it  as a hair oil (hot oil massage)( also mix lavender essential  oil and  vitamin  capsule)
  • mix it in my moisturizer for that extra protection n nourishment:
  • At night use directly on my hands n feet:
  • Mix in rose water n use as night cream for soft glowing skin
  • use it in place of burn cream( for all cuts, burns i have while working in kitchen)
  • and what not! 🙂 one can even prepare a shampoo with coconut milk,aloe vera n wheatgerm oil
What I like about wheat germ essential oil 
Wheat germ oil uses skin +How to Use Wheat Germ Oil
  • Every thing about it n specially its dropper, which allows me to pick required quantity of oil and avoid wastage.
What I do not like about Wheat germ essential Oil
  • Nothing(some of u might feel for its price but this quantity goes a long way and its  worth)
Will I recommend it to others - off course yes! its my second bottle n that to going to over soon. every body with dry skin must give it a try this winter.
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  2. hi, i bought 3 oils from soulflower:hazelnut/ avocado/wheatgerm ,,,,,,i don no why but they all smell same texure is same n even d color is same 🙁


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