Soulflower Soap Rose Geranium Review


With sun working at its best  all I enjoy the most is my bath with various fragrance soap or body washes in whole day :P.If I am using a soap I prefer the ones which  doesn’t dry out my skin and  fragrance  of the soap lingers on for a while.This is what I found in Soul flower Soap Rose Geranium 🙂

Most of the time I see Soulflower products in Shopper stop.I am a big fan of their potpourris and aroma candles and this is the first time I used their soap :).I was happy to read that their soaps are 100  vegetarian and contain no artificial fragrance:)

Soulflower ROSE GERANIUM soap review

What the product claims –This 2 layer soap has been designed to suit 2 different types of skin.

So if you have part oily and part dry skin,this is perfect. We combine the benefits of rose and geranium.
Rose helps revive a dull or oily complexion and to perfume skin.
Geranium helps to create a balance between oily and dry skin.

If ……….
You are suffering with acne,or are burdened with an over-oily,as well as congested and sluggish skin,geranium is God-sent,as it not only helps to reduce sebum production & return it to normal levels,

It also helps to clear the congestion from the skin. Perfect for combination,dry,dehydrated,or oily skin.

Price Rs 250

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As the soap is meant for acne prone skin I was elated to use it but at the back of my mind I was hoping that it should not dry out my skin .And thankfully it didn’t  do that, might be because of  geranium present in the product which  doesn’t let my skin go dry .Rose helps in reviving the skin  and whole day my bathroom is filled with its fragrance. :D:D which I and hubby loves especially in this season.

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Rose Geranium Soap is meant for those who are fond of fragrance products,  those who are allergic or detest heavy fragrance soap should avoid it .As far as acne is concerned I have not experience any since the time I have been using it which is two weeks:dance::dance:

It lathers well and doesn’t melt away easily .It is a huge bar which justify it price and will easily lasts for two months if used daily.Albeit Rose fragrance lingers for a while and won’t stay for long time .

Just when I was browsing soul flower blog I found Soul flower having  juicy tomato soap with no preservative and artificial fragrance which helps in removing tan and fresh cream strawberry soaps with oats.:D:D I would so want to try them also.They look too tempting :D:D

Will I recommend it to others – If you like natural fragrance product and are fan of Soulflower aroma candles and flowers then do give soul flower soaps a  try.Soap is going to suit all skin type and will help out dull skin in summers.

To know more soap varieties check out their website or blog here

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Product sent by company for consideration but it has not affected my review.Our priority will always be you 🙂


  1. Is the product suitable for dry skin as well Anamika?I am a great fab of their aroma candles too..but was never sure of their soaps 😛

  2. Yummy! this looks like some tasty Barfi…Now m hungry..And i just had lunch also! Abhi kuch to khanna padega.. 😉

    This wud be perfect for acne-prone guys i guess….I wud luv to check out their Tomato soap for removing tan..It would be a god send to me since I tan really quickly..

    • ohh yaa..i was thining the same but it is difficult to decide which one to choose :D:D i like the strawberry one also..what say??

      • Strawberry one wud be yummy..Reminds me of Starwberry n Cream u get in Mahabaleshwar..yummy in the Tummy! 😉

        Do leme know if and when u use the tomato soap. M hunting for something to remove my crappy tan..Nothin seems to work..God, i hate sensi skin!!


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