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Soybeans is  considered most nutritious and  helps in improving our internal system including  hair and skin. Soyabean has incredible benefit which  improves the quality of the skin.Soybean is an incredible source of vitamins, minerals, proteins and when a protein rich emollient is produced from a product it is called as soybean oil.

Soya oil in skin care

  • Because of air pollution, poor diet combined with harmful UV rays from sunlight most people find their skin dull by the mid 30’s .This is when soybean oil comes in.Soybean oil helps in restoring the luster and impart glow to the skin.It helps in healing the damage that is done to the skin by pollution or sun exposure.
  • Soyabean oil contains specific antioxidants which helps in maintaining the skin health and gives the special glow to the face.Antioxidant such as vitamin E and Vitamin B complex prevents the development of appearance of wrinkles.
  • Also, by eating soyabean based products one can protect the skin and maintain skin’s good health.Soybean oil helps in develop more glowing skin and brighter skin but even out the skin tone and improve skin texture as well.

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    • since the time i have started using extra virgin oil i don like any other oils and espcially cooking oil for sure..thinking of applying cooking oil on face isserrrr naa.


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