Spa Treatments – 5 Simple Spa Treatments At Home


By Nancy,

We all wish to go for spa treatment and spend whole day there.Spa treatments makes one feel like heavenly .No matter if you are a working woman or a professional woman we all wish and dream of it.But it is almost impossible to afford a spa treatment or take time out for it  every now and then so why not give ourself spa treatment at home only.

There are few ways in which one can give spa treatment all by themselves without spending a fortune .Lets discuss some of them here 🙂
1. Spa bath Take a relaxing bath but lighting some candles and putting on your favourite music. You can add  lush bath bombs and soak yourself into the water. Heat and the music will take your worries away and to make it extra special sip hot tea or your favourite drink in between.

Home Spa Treatment


2. Paint your nails This is simple but it is a relaxing treatment. Just soak your nails , apply your favourite nail polish and try some nail art. It is relaxing.

3. Mud playing/Mud Bath Take mud bath. There are some affordable mud packs available in market for example Lotus skin whitening mud pack etc . Just use it whole on your face and body .It will do wonders for your inflamed skin or acne prone skin in summer and you are going to like every bit of it.

4. Scrubs– You can also indulge in salt and sugar scrubs whose recipes have been discussed here many times. Homemade scrubs are organic and beneficial for your skin too. Don’t forget to use foot scrubs which make you proud to wear skimpy sandals and shoes.

5.Home  Hair Spa Treatment – This one is my favourite.I oil my hair as it helps in strengthening the roots and prevents hair fall .I mix coconut and olive for this and coat my entire hair with it.Gently massage hair for 10 minutes and shampoo my hair.After shampooing the hair I comb them and then apply hair pack or hair conditioner and wash off the pack .Voilla my simple hair spa treatment is done.


We all need a break once in a while .We all are special in our way and by making time for our self we can assure a radiant and a happy glow .

These were my 5 simple spa treatment ideas.:) Do you have any spa treatments to share with us?

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  1. Nice sharing Nancy. I do facials at home sometimes,if not very often. I love the ice touching skin when am scrubbing. ice cool rose water pads are heavenly.

    There is something else i do. I really love mud ,earth or sand. I have some purified sand at home ( sieved,heated ). I cool it off in fridge in summers and drown my legs into it 😀 :secret: :secret: . I love playing in it.the soft granules of earth rubbing against the skin makes my mind blank :-)) I think thats what most of us want and desire 😉

  2. If it’s for my hair, I love using Pro Naturals Moroccan Oil Hair Treatment to smooth and revitalize my hair. The argan oil repairs and strengthens, plus it gets rid of frizz and brittle strands. It really gives your hair a nice healthy, freshened feeling!

  3. Hi all, my hair was very dull, they wer not growing at all. they were so much oily instead, making my face and other parts dry all the time. I did variou spas, hair massages , body massages… but of no use. Then i started painting my nails, it gives me immense confidence and pleaseure.. I m wise now. Thanks to wise she. In the above article, in the first pic, if u see properly that girl in tub, u can see her tits, i think this image should be removed. Thanks and love u all. If anything wrong. Plz forgive me 🙂 Take care

  4. Hello everyone ,

    I am feeling really depressed due to my hairs . An year ago , I got them rebonded as they were too rough to manage . But now they are becoming really frizzy and rough again as the bond of the hairs are opening and the chemicals have lost their effect . Please suggest me some solution for this (eg what to eat , what to apply on my hairs and how to make my hairs bouncy and soft).

  5. hi,
    my hair is very rough and break able. i need to spa my hair at home ,
    please give any tips. my face now a days comes very black how can i will be fair?


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