Spearmint Essential Oil & Its Uses


Spearmint Essential Oil & Its Uses

Spearmint is one viable option which is a little less strong than peppermint oil. People prefer spearmint oil for its usability in various uses. Peppermint oil, which is similar but often found stronger in smell and touch is also a good oil to be used and has almost the same usage.

It is not something discovered recently about spearmint oil. It is in use since ancient times as a remedy for headaches, skin problems and digestive systems. Also it is popular since then and is growing in popularity ever since.

Let me bring to your notice the various benefits of the oil.


As an Aroma therapy: This oil is quite popular as aroma therapy oil and is known to cure diseases like fatigue, headache, stress etc. It is also used for massage in spas and various therapeutic centers as it is known for its healing effect in pains and stress.

body massage

As an Insecticide:

This oil also has repelling qualities and is used in various insecticides, pesticides etc.

As a pain reliever:

It is a renowned pain reliever and can be used as a pain reliever for muscle pains and sprains. It is used in most pain relievers like Moov etc. that we use.

As an antiseptic:

It is also a good antiseptic due to which it is being used in many products.

As an ingredient in oral care products:

It is also an active ingredient in many pharma products that we use on a daily basis. These include our toothpastes, tooth powder, menthol mouthwash etc.


Amazing Uses

Spearmint oil is also specifically useful in doing the following good to us:

  • Helping relax the nerves that we strain with stress
  • Cure headaches and other stress related problems
  • Menstrual problems and delays
  • Nervous system functioning
  • Blood circulation
  • Respiratory problems like breathing issues and other smaller nasal issues like cold and congestion

I am a big fan of this oil as this comes to my rescue to cure my migraine and other breathing problems. The oil is available easily too and therefore is very much accessible to me. Since this can be used in a diluted form, I use it alongside products I use to make it a little less strong. As it is, its fragrance and aroma is quite strong and makes no sense to inhale directly for me.

Upset Stomach

It also comes in handy in case of stomach upset. If you use 3-4 drops in normal water, the problem will disappear soon. It is also used with Ice tea to add mint flavor.

It is also a good source to remove bad breath problem. If used with toothpaste every morning, it can help with the problem of bad breath too. I know from my own experience, that it is being used to make homemade tooth paste. My grandmother till date uses this oil to make her own toothpaste which, believe me tastes better than the normal ones we use.


I see a lot of benefits in this oil and this is definitely a used product for me. It gives me the much needed freshness and relief from daily work related stress that I often carry back home from office. I have it in my home for all kind of headache, stomach ache and other respiratory issues. This is it! I love this oil and would recommend it to you all.
Just one word of caution, if you are expecting or if you have infants at home, please avoid using it before your kids or keep them away from kids. Since these are strong in smell and touch, these might give them burning sensation.

Have you ever tried spearmint oil?

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