Spearmint Oil And Its Uses


Spearmint Oil And Its Uses

Spearmint is being used from ages for its medical qualities. Although it is not as popular as Peppermint but its Aroma and medical properties are almost the same.

In the absence of Peppermint, this is the first and the wisest substitute chosen over the years.
The oil is extracted from steam distillation of leaves and flowering tops. Nowadays, it is mostly used for adding flavors in toothpastes and candies.

Here we will discuss some more uses of this essential oil and will see how is it so good and why is it considered as non-toxic, non-irritant and non-sensitizing oil.

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A Miracle for Nausea

This oil has an amazing cure for nausea. There are many desi ilaajis which stops nausea and one of the easiest and instant reliever way is this.

Do this- Put 2-3 drops of Spearmint oil in a cup of water. Soak a piece of cotton into it and put in under your nose. The effect would be instant and you will be relieved due it its little menthol smell.

Cure for Hiccups

Oh our one biggest mood cracker, date spoiler, attention seeker and irritating Hiccups. I am sure everyone has experienced this, Hiccups are something which comes at the most awkward time. At the time of my super sophisticated conferences, when everyone is being a good listener my hiccups adds a background music.

Spearmint is a good cure for this, to get instant relief, what you have to do is mixing one drop of Spearmint Oil with 1 drop of Olive Oil. Dilute it and take it on the tip of your finger. Put that finger on the roof of your mouth of 10 seconds and you will see how magically your hiccups would disappear.

It is suggested not to use Spearmint oil neat as it is little hot and can irritate the inner skin of mouth but after diluting it with Olive, it’s all safe.

So Gooood for Skin: Spearmint Tea

People who are facing acne and have tried every possible way to get rid of it are certainly not aware of Spearmint Magic. If you too wish to show people how beautiful you are underneath those red acnes, spearmint is there for you.

Yes it is little time consuming and you need dedication for this but because of its cooling effect, you can shoo away your acne. So consume daily a cup of Spearmint Tea and find your acne getting lighter.

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Barrier for Heavy Flow Periods

Ladies, who are victim of monthly punishment of heavy flow periods, there is something good for you. Spearmint Oil gives a cooling effect and helps in maintaining the cycle and heavy flow.

Consuming a cup of warm water with mixed 3 drops of oil can help a lot. But this procedure should be followed 3 days prior and should be ignored when periods start.


For ulcers, this oil works wonder. By mixing a drop of olive oil and applying on ulcer. Also on fresh wound, this oil works well as an antiseptic and stops bleeding.

As a Massage Oil

Spearmint Oil helps a lot with headaches, stress. A warm bath after a deep body massage with Spearmint Oil gives big time relief in Itching.

Also it is good for people who are asthmatic. It is not a very sure cure of asthma but many people have confirmed that daily usage has helped them big time.

Note: You won’t find any danger through the use of Spearmint but it is not advisable for Pregnant Women.

Have you tried Spearmint Oil?

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