SPF 40 Sunscreen:Shahnaz Hussain Sunscreen Review


By Ashu,

Shahnaz Forever SPF 40 Herbals Sun protective cream


  • What the product claims: – keeps skin soft, nourished and radiant with even tone. Easily absorbed. Leaves no visible residue on skin Can be used by all skin types but more suited for normal to dry
  • Size: 80 ml
  • Price: Rs. 100/- (approx. don’t remember exactly. )

Shahnaz forever sunscreen spf 40 Review

  • Ingredients:Ricinus communis oil : castor oil (why can’t they directly write that instead of all these lengthy scary botanical names… people… I tell u)
  • Kaolin: helps draw oils from your pores while ridding the skin surface of dead cells and dirt
  • Glycerin: This is awesome for skin as we all know.
  • Rubia cordifolia, : Manjistha in Hindi. Have astringent properties. Cures pigmentation pimples, acne, freckles and discoloration .can also used for gaining luster or glow of the skin.
  • Cucumis sativus: cucumber (duh.. as  As cucumber and the skin share the same level of hydrogen , it is wonder tonic for skin
  • Sunflower oil: now why didn’t they write “Helianthus annuus” . Has smoothing properties and is considered noncomedogenic
  • Prunus puddum: deciduous cherry tree. Couldn’t find anything else about it


Shahnaz Forever Sun Protective Cream SPF 40 Review

  • How to use – apply 20 mins before sun exposure
  • My experience: I have a bitter history of sunscreens and this one was another long chapter in it. Most of the tall claims have proved false. Still to be rational here are few pros:

Thick consistency

Shahnaz Sunscreen Review

After lot of rubbing.


Sun protection safe cream Shahnaz


What I like about Shahnaz  Hussain  Forever SPF40


  • So many awesome ingredients (cos of which I bought this)
  • Reasonable price
  • Not oily. Gives a dry finish.


What I do not like about Shahnaz Hussain Forever SPF 40


  • Leaves white cast. I have to rub and rub and rub it still no result. Ultimately I wipe white cast off with a napkin.
  • So thick. it just sits on top of my skin.
  • Contains parabens

Verdict: I totally hate it. I know it sounds very harsh. But yeah…. I used it once on my face and had to wash my face immediately as I looked as if climbed out of a white powder drum. Then I thought of using it on hands and feet. But now tired of rubbing for 10 mins. So it was a total waste for me


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  1. I had tried this…but thankfully it was a tiny sample bottle which was being distributed when this was released…horrible…The whitecast is uber-sick!!

  2. i used this …………and this is one of the worst sunscreens…………..it puts white cast so much on skin…………….i was very much disappointed thinking this………shehnaz product may be such???????????

  3. i am fully with you anu. i bought one tube in April because of the
    name “Shahnaz”. but i am thoroughly disappointed. anyways, i am using
    it on my hands and feet.

  4. I have the same thing in SPF 20. I love the smell and find it very easy to apply. It gets absorbed also soon.

    The only thing I didn’t like is that it was meant for normal to dry skin and since I have oily skin, it makes my skin look oily fast. but nothing a compact can’t fix.

  5. Hey A..Temme something quick na…which neutrogena sunscreen shud i go for? ill b goin out soon and i can pick it up hopefully..

          • haan…just wana grab my cam 🙂 :)i got 2 of the L’oreal Color Riche Nutri Shine Lipsticks.. 🙂 m so in love wit them…i got sheer papaya and old rose..m wearing sheer papaya now also.. :inlove: :inlove:

            • sheer papaya is damn sexy ..aare please do jaldi jaldi i am very excited :):) :dog: and don forget to click your pryanka chopra lips pic :dog:

              • Hehe..that pic was just by fluke ya..my lips aint that pretty at all…PCs plastic lips r much better..

                i love sheer papaya to…was gona get just that..but then the SA told me there was offer…spend 1500 and get their perfect precision pencil free…so tought y not…hihi..greedy me..thats how i landed up wid 2..

                • hehehe yes sheer papaya is a must have kind na..and then these are in limited collection so u r gona flaunt it on blog..:) and getting an pencil free is good good good :

                  • Haan..freebies are always welcome..hihi..

                    I was craving sheer papaya ever since i saw the swatch in ur review…i even re-read the review b4 going out..i went wid a set agenda..hihi..

                    • yeps..ive realised the merits to reading reviews b4 heading to buy something…really helps me since m more of an impulsive buyer…keeps me more in control..i think.. :kissblow:

  6. I used this just once and I hated it so much that I took a chance in returning the product to the shop and I was successful 🙂 and since then I have hated Shehnaz products…

  7. it was in Katwaria or something with that name na which is pretty famous also..it has a branch in Abids and Secunderabad…starts with a ‘K’…I hated it so much that I returned it and anyways it was a tube so no hygiene problem too 🙂 sometimes I do take a chance!!!

  8. oh God I also have the same exp with Shahnaz sunscreen… whenever I use it I get a complement for my hubby .. oh looking like bhutni…. 😯 I need to wash everytime I use it….will never try . Even i mix it with moisturizer the result is same .. white cement… truly said… why didnt I read here before buying a big bottle of it..


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