Spice it up with Sesame seeds-benefit and its uses


If you are conscious about what you eat then add sesame seeds in your diet. Sesame is a rich source of calcium iron and magnesium. Contains vitamins such as Vitamin A and B and it is a good source of healthy fat. It has amino Methionine and Tryptophan which is an exceptional stabilizer of amino acids in vegetarian diets. For people with milk allergies, sesame seeds provide an alternative source of calcium.

Sesame seeds spice up non vegetarian and vegetarian dishes. Generally people use it raw and that is the reason the taste of it doesn’t get enhanced. To make it nutty and tastier just roast it up. Roasting increases it taste to the maximum level. To maintain it for long tern always store it in an air tight container and for its quick and instant uses roast it before storing it.

In India, where sesame has been cultivated since the Harappan period, there are two independent names for it: Sanskrit tila [तिल] (Hindi/Urdu til [तिल, تل]) is the source of all names in North India – e.g. Gujrati and Bangla it is til (তিল) and raasi in Oriya . In contrast, most of the Dravidian languages in South India feature an independent name for sesame exemplified by Tamil, Malayalam and Kannada ellu [எள், എള്ള്, ಎಳ್ಳು] and Telugu “Nuvvulu”(నువ్వులు).

Available in three main shades of beige, black and white are readily use in desert, appetizer, salads and chicken. White sesame seeds have a nutty flavor, while black sesame seeds taste bitterer. However, whether a recipe calls for white or black seeds often have more to do with the appearance of a dish rather than flavor. In India sesame seeds laddu’s are quite famous and are generally prepared in winters.

Few ways you can use sesame seeds in your cuisine are:-

1. Add roasted sesame seeds in olive oil and spread it on your bread for breakfast or use this bread as a dip.

2. Sprinkle it on fried eggs

3. Sprinkle it on nans, raita, kulchas

4. Chicken and paneer tikka taste their best when sesame seeds are sprinkled upon it.

5Japenese who are believed to be quite conscious about their health use it regularly by storing it in a pepper mill. They just combine granular sea salt and toasted sesame seeds and use it in their salads, steamed vegetables, noodles and in fact kichdi too.

6. Boil potatoes and marinate it with hung yogurt, sesame seeds, salt and chilies.

7. You can even sprout sesame seeds the way other seeds are sprouted and use it in salads.

8. In China, sesame seeds are used to flavor cakes, cookies, and popular desserts such as sesame seed balls and fried custard. You’ll also find them in savory dishes.

Interesting thing about sesame seeds is that it taste nutty, salty and even sour too therefore always start using it in small quantity if you are unknown about it usage.


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