Spicy Mushrooms in fifteen minutes with pictures

I bought fresh mushrooms to make Mushroom soup but then thought of making this in for dinner.There are two version of this recipe in which one is the dry mushroom recipe and other is mushroom curry.I made spicy mushroom dry version and trust me it took me just ten -fifteen minutes in making this of course I didn’t include the preparation time of cutting the onions and tomatoes.

    Spicy Mushroom

When I cutting these fresh button mushroom I couldn’t resist myself and took the pics.Aren’ these beaaaautiful .I think they are smiling at me

Here goes the Spicy Mushroom recipe


200grams of button mushrooms(This will be around 4 cups)
2 elaichi/cardomoms/elakka
1.5tbsp of dhania powder(coriander powder)
1tsp. of red chilli powder
2tsp of garam masala powder
pinch of turmeric powder
3 tbs. of oil
2 large tomatoes finely chopped
2 green chillies chopped
2 large onions
6-8 flakes of garlic
1 inch ginger piece

Step1 – Take a pan and add oil in it.When the oil is hot add cardamom , cloves and 1tsp. of cumin seeds(jeera).

Step2-Now add onion and ginger garlic paste and saute them till they turn brown.

Step3-Slow the flame and add salt, dhania powder, red chilli powder, garam masala and haldi powder in it.Mix all the ingredients nicely.

Step4– Add chopped tomatoes and chopped green chilli.Cook till the oil separates from the gravy which is going to take like 6-7 minutes.

Step5-Add the mushrooms and cover the pan with a lid  for five minutes .There is no need to add water in it because mushroom contains water themselves.Remove the lid and check wether mushrooms have been cooked or not.

Spicy mushroom is ready to be served.Serve with parantha, rice, Nan or Dosa..they taste yummm..!!!

P.S- To make mushroom curry just add 2 cups of water when tomatoes and onion paste leave some oil.

 2.You can make dry matar mushroom by adding frozen peas with the mushrooms.

Mushroom is such an interesting vegetables.One can explore it as much as they can.Soon I will  post for you
mushroom salad recipe and mushroom sauce recipe which are one of my favorite.

Till then enjoy spicy mushroom 

Your neighborhood friend


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  1. Taste yumm naa Poorbnima..by the way u r such a saint man..u don eat egg or chicken,, and garlic too

    i m impressed yaar..!!!!
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  2. Ohh yaa…even capsicum can make it interesting..how about adding kasttori methi..have u tried that..i think it will taste interesting that way also…what say?
    My recent post Make up tips-Concealer application

  3. Çok güzel, çok leziz görünüyor. Ellerinize sağlık.


  4. Eğer ingilizce anlıyor musun Çok teşekkür ederim?
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  5. Yaa i know many people are allergic to mushrooms..it tastes amazing…Kapil ate all when were talking 😛
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  6. Kasoori methi is a herb Poornima..and if you add in dry sabji of mushrooms, potatoes it brings out nice flavour..

    i also use to think that it will make food bitter but till now it has never done ..it doesnt have any bitterness at all may be because it is dried na..
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  7. Hey…one doubt

    What is this Kasoori Methi used for? Does it really make dishes taste bitter like when fresh Methi leaves are added? I love the taste of methi leaves, but some dishes dont require that kind of bitterness no..Thats why I asked


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