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This post is for my friend Reddy who asked me to  share Paav bhaaji recipe with her.People in this part of the country(South) are not much aware of it so let me just brief you what exactly it is. Paav is a small bun and bhaaji is a mix of vegetables. It’s a favourite Indian street food in North India and I can have it any time 😛

Every one has his/her own way of making it I am sharing my simple and spicy version .

Recipe of paav bhaji


Ingredients:-(For 4 people)

5 boiled peeled potatoes and mashed
3 tomatoes finely chopped
3 large onion chopped
1tsp ginger garlic paste
2 chopped green chilly
Oil (I used Dalda)
Salted Butter(I used Amul)
Boiled vegetables (Cauliflower, capsicum, carrots, bottle gourd etc)
Pav Bhaazi masala(I used MDH but like Everest one the most)
8 Paavs which i got from the market 
Red chilli powder


Method and Preparation:-


  • Step1 – Take a large  non stick pan and add 2 tbsp. of oil in it.I know it is too much of oil but this recipe does need it.Some people even prefer using ghee but I find the bhaaji too heavy to eat so I avoid that.
  • Step2 – Add chopped onion , ginger garlic paste, chopped green chilli and saute the onions till they are light brown.

how to make pav bhaji


  • Step3 – Add finely chopped tomatoes and saute them till they get soft.Add salt(I added around1/4th tsp. , red chilli powder(if you add dhegi mirch then colour of the bhaaji turns out nice) .
  • Step4-Add mashed potatoes and 2tsp. of pao bhaji masala and mix them together.
  • Step5– Here comes the patience part.Keep stirring the mixture for at least ten minutes on low flame  till potato leave oil.This is what makes pav bhaai spicey and tastey .


Pao bhaji recipe


  • Step6 – This is how the mixtures looks after ten minutes.

Pao bhaji recipe  paav bhaji recipe


  • Step7 – Add boiled veggies 


Spicy paav bhaji recipe


  • Step8 – Now with a hand masher even out all the mixture.If you don’t have a hand masher then mash the boiled vegetables before adding them into the potatoes.
  • Step9 – Cook all the vegetables for 4-5 minutes more and then switch off the gas.


pao bhaji recipes mumbai paav bhaji recipe


For the Paav

Slit the bun semi half with a knife and place the bun open and face down on the tava or hot griddle .Cook them till they are golden brown.I sprinkle some red chilli powder as it makes them spicy (I once saw Sanjeev Kapoor doing it in one of the cookery show :P)


recipe pav bhaji BUN


Taddaa!! Pav bhaazi is ready to eat .Serve the paav with hot bhaaji

Don’t forget to add lots of butter  into the bhaaji to double the taste .You can also keep chopped onion and lemon wedges beside it.


Paav Bhaji Recipes How to make Paav Bhaji


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  1. Yumma in my tumma! i knew u wud post this and was waiting for it! 🙂 🙂

    ill tell u a secret…i dint even kno HOW to make pav bhaaji till now and was waiting for u to put up the recipe..u always explain in an easy t understand wala way 🙂 🙂 Thans A!

  2. whats dhegi mirch ? when i tried i found my curry a tad citrusy. its due to more of tomato ? and yes i faltered on oil part. i am someone who even makes an omlette or dosa without oil 😀 . very paranoid of oil. now i know that i must splurge

  3. oh sounds good. i never saw something like that in marts. perhaps i should ask for it 🙂 . for a healthy version i tried having brown bread toast with the bhaji :). it was a nice substitute. but getting the bhaji right is the fix

    • Hey reddy..i think MDH has degi mirch for sure.. 🙂

      my mom also serves brown bread with pav bhajji..much healthier..but the mazza of it all is the buttered pavs! yum yum!

  4. ANU DI,
    AWESOME POST :yes: . ilove it a lot. i thought of making it after my exams, n was again n again feeling that i forgot something :doh: THIS IS IT :evilgrin: . now today i will be making it after sooooo long time.
    thanks di.

  5. :drool: Oh yumm yumm…. its eve time and mu tummy wants this bad!!!
    I have never tried making this at home….. you make it sooooo simple Ana. Will def try this next weekend 🙂
    Right now my mouth is watering though :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool:

  6. Slurrppp…i love paav bhaaji and coincidence is, i had it just today from this pav-bhaaji wala …watched Mausam then headed to this place at Sindhi colony….and now i want it again !!

  7. The idea was good…but it was kinda drag after sometime…and the dialougues were funny at times..were meant to be serious… “kuch maine khoya, kuch tumne khoya aur kuch is masoom ne khoya, chalo hum milke ghar basate hain ” … ROFL….. OMG aise bhi koi dialogues likhta hai aaj kal !!! haha…

  8. Hiya Anamika,
    I love Pav-Bhaji and my teacher is my Dad, hez an awesome cook but we don’t use boiled veggies in our version we use green chana, soaked overnight and then boiled and mashed and for colour kashmiri mirchi dose da trick 🙂 am hungry again looking at those awesome pics 😛

  9. Yups whatever cooking I know it’s coz of him, in our family when we get a marriage proposal we don’t see how much the guy earns, the main judging criteria is how well he can cook 😛 all working women na isliye yeah matter karta hai so she can always get help from hubby 🙂 and yeah when I said green chana I mean woh paket wala green peas/chana….do try it out n I’ll try out ur version next weekend for sure 🙂 Gudnite

  10. It looks lovely Anks, I’ve this 1-2 times I think.. I tried it w/o this deghi mirchi & my bhajji was on pale side. Now I know how to rectify that – thanks for a tip!

    Btw I am making pindi channa today – I used to think it is very complex, but it is so easy & i love making it now. 😀

  11. Yum Yum
    am siting and drooling after having a heavy lunch.
    If u give me this now I can eat it.
    Ur pav bhaji recipe sounds so easy
    i too love my pav bhaji with loads of butter.


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