Spinz Deos Review -Exotic, Enchante, Samba and Rock’n’Roll


Hi everyone.Today i am going to review four perfumed deos from my HG “Brand Spinz”.From my childhood, I have seen mom and aunts using spinz brand body sprays.Although they use different flavours,I think its sort of a family favorite among us ladies.So whenever I smell this,it feels homely,cozy and comforting… 🙂

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Spinz Deos review -Exotic, Enchante, Samba and Rock'n'Roll+best long lasting deos

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About Spinz Deos

What’s shaped like a bottle but infuses you with oodles of energy, bubbliness and a never-say-die attitude? Spinz Perfumed Deodorants of course! Now in a vibrant range of fresh fragrances and even more colourful containers, the Deodorants are designed to keep you buzzing with life, feeling invigorated and ready for fun at any time! So, no matter where you are and what you want to do, just spray on some Spinz and get unstoppable!

  • Price- Rs 80 for 75ml(50g)

My Experience with Spinz Deos Exotic, Enchante, Samba and Rock’n’Roll

These are my all time favourite Deodorants .I am using them since past one & half year and i can honestly swear by them.they comes in aluminium bottles bearing matching cap to the body colour of the fragrance bottle.the packaging is very sturdy and pleasant to look at.All fragrances have a different coloured bottle to them which makes it easier to grab a particular one if you have more body sprays collection.The sprayer is of good quality and it has never get jammed or broke during use.There are 2 sizes- 75ml and 150ml available at prices Rs80 And Rs150 respectively.They are quite budget friendly and comes in many different flavours to suit any mood.I have 4 of them now -Exotic, Enchante, Samba and Rock’n’Roll.
Comparison between  Exotic, Enchante, Samba and Rock’n’Roll-
Now comes the time to compare them.I am trying to describe the smell as best as i can,it is too hard to describe smells in sense of words,so before buying you should try to sniff it in the store.


  • Smell– true to its name,it is exotic flowery fresh & very lady like. It makes me feel like a princess.(4/5)
  • Lasting time- 3-4hours,but a faint smell does linger with you which you can’t smell but if someone comes near you they will notice it.(5/5)
  • Staining of clothes– No.it didn’t leave any ugly yellowish-stain some perfumes/deos does, when comes in contact with cloths.(5/5)


  • Smell If you have smelled pond’s magic talc, just imagine that smell but in stronger fragrance. It makes me feel very confident about the way I smell.It is aptly named,it has the capacity to enchant anyone by sheer wonderful smell. (5/5)
  • Lasting time– Easily 5+hours.this is really long lasting than others. (5/5)
  • Staining of clothes– None. (5/5)


  • Smell-Its a sporty+musky+feminine smell (something like a Perfect synchronization between  men’s cologne and women perfume) which is quite hard to describe.But it a pleasant smell to wear.(4/5)
  • Lasting time– 4+hours (4/5)
  • Staining of clothes– None. (5/5)


  • Smell-It is an utterly refreshing smell that will instantly lift up your spirit.The fragrance is simply very fresh and relaxing. (5/5)
  • Lasting time-Less than 2hours.I am really disappointed with it,such a good refreshing smell but it wont stay long no matter how much you spray on 🙁  I think it is a total waste of money,It is the weakest lasting deo i have ever used.(2/5)
  • Staining of clothes– None. (5/5)

The 3 winners are standing proudly and the looser is on the ground 🙂

Spinz Deos review -Exotic, Enchante, Samba and Rock'n'Roll+best perfumed deos

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So,it is clear from the comparison that out of the 4,only the “samba” is the rotten-egg 😛 My personal favourite n HG deo are-Exotic and Enchante.But do keep in mind,that all deos/body sprays/perfumes smell different on different people depending upon the natural order and some other bodily factors of individuals. So the deo that smell nice/bad on your friend may not smell exactly like that on you.

Have you tried Spinz Deos -Exotic, Enchante, Samba and Rock’n’Roll?

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  1. wow…loved the compilation…will get these soon.. :yippee: :yippee:
    LUCKYGIRL ek n deo char…bahot nainsafi hai….. :tap-dance: 😀 :laugh: 😛 😛
    and there sambha goes on the ground 😛 😛

    lol bad pj 😀

  2. Enchante was my FIRST eva deo..infact i cant stand most of the deos so never bought one, a friend used this and it dint irritate my nose so got it…hokked on to it since then :-))

  3. spinz was one of the fewest brands dat were successfully available throughout 😀 they used to have these small vials too costing around 10-15rs 😀 spinz :dance-left-right:

  4. its been quite long since i used a spinz.. rememb using in college days 😀 shall pick them soon..

    and the loser lying down pic is classic 😀


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