Spinz Sun Tan Remover Review


Spinz Sun Tan Remover Review

Hello Ladies!

I am here with the review of a product that is much needed in Indian summers and in winters as well. Many sun tan remover products are available in the market and quite a few of them have been reviewed on your favorite blog. Spinz Sun Tan Remover created quite a buzz among girls as I think it was the first such product to be advertised on TV and moreover its really cheap. I have used Nature’s Essence tan remover products and liked them. I decided to get this tube for my Goa vacation as I tan within 30 minutes of sun exposure 🙁 That tan makes my skin dull and patchy which I totally hate. Now its time to find out how it worked.

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About Spinz Sun Tan Remover

Price- INR 89 for 50g

Shelf Life- 2 years

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spinz sun tan remover ingredinets

Packaging: Spinz Sun Tan Remover comes in a tube with a screw cap. The color of the tube is quite similar to Boro Plus cream. My crazy SIL almost applied it on her super chapped lips but thankfully I saw her and stopped her 😛 The tube comes inside a cardboard box. The small tube is easy to carry during travels.

spinz sun tan remover cream review

Texture and Fragrance: Its a white cream. The cream is easy to spread on skin. It has a strong chemical fragrance with a whiff of floral scent. Even Nature’s Essence lacto tan clear has strong smell so I guess its some ingredient that is responsible.

My Experience with Spinz Sun Tan Remover

As I mentioned that I bought it for my beach vacation so I got a really good opportunity to test this product. I stayed under sun from 8 in the morning till it was there in the sky. No prizes for guessing that I was many shades darker on the first day itself. A thing that irritated me more that my dear husband didn’t catch a bit of tan and was still all pink cheeks 🙁 As soon as I came back to my room, I cleansed my face and applied it on wet skin. I washed it off after 10 minutes and could see that the tan was lighter but not completely gone. I used Spinz Sun Tan Remover daily during my holiday and it lightened my tan a little but didn’t remove it. I guess no product can do it when you are this much prone to getting tanned.

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This cream causes some tingling on skin which doesn’t bother me. This cream does not dry out the skin in summers but even I need some hydration if I use it in winters.

I have hyper pigmented areas on my face and they become more obvious when I tan. Recently I also tried using it just on those areas that are darker and it evened out my face a little. That pigmentation is kinda natural so I had no hope of it getting removed anyway but yes it helped somewhat.

I have not tried it on other parts of my body. In my view its a decent tan remover cream. It lightens tan in my case and I am sure that if you do not tan too much, it will remove tan quickly.

What I like about Spinz Sun Tan Remover?

  • Lightens tan
  • Easy to use
  • Doesn’t make skin very dry
  • Cheap

What I don’t like about Spinz Sun Tan Remover?

  • Some may not like the strong fragrance
  • Doesn’t remove tan completely

Rating- 3.5/5

Have you tried Spinz Sun Tan Remover?

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