Sponge nail art trick – Nail art in pink and white

Sponge nail art can be done with an eyeshadow applicator as well.It is in fact pretty easy to use.  I tried this one with a sponge also and result were almost the same.This was my first attempt in  sponge nail art and I think I can do better than this.
I am sharing this pink flower with a white manicure  tip nail art so that it gives you an idea about how the eye shadow applicator can be used.
Step1 – Apply a transparent base coat on your nails.
Step2 – Brush any white nail paint on your sponge applicator.
Step2 – Press excess on a sheet of paper and gently apply the applicator on tip of the nail

Step3 – By using a ball pen or a tooth pick draw some flowers and put some white dots in the flower leaves.
Step4 -In the end  apply any glitter nail paint  as a top coat, infact I think it would have looked much nicer without the glitter nail polish .
What say you?
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  1. hey anamika
    nice post. uor blog is soo good that each day i send about 2 hours going through uor previous entries. I like them all.
    I have send you an email regarding my query ..please try to reply whenever you find some time

  2. no it is not regarding stretch marks …..it is regarding my eye makeup, i have emailed u my pic so that it is easy for you to suggest me a good eye makeup technique

  3. I like this color combo!! I had read this trick somewhere an dthought it's the easiest way to create a nail art… I'd get a chance to mess it up without being blamed.. You know what i mean!! lol

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