Spring Nail Art Design With Teal Colour Manicure (Tutorial)


Hello everyone!!!

It is spring now and colors like teal, green, yellow and orange are something which I like to use in my nail art designs..So did an easy nail art today.Hope you guys like it 🙂

Step1 – Apply a trasnparent nail coat to portect your nail and then top it up with any light grayish  colour nail paint.I used

streetwear wild child nail colour here.

Spring nail art tutorial

Step 2 – Apply teal colour nail polish on the tip.I have a teal colour nail art pen so I made use of that.I painted the tip with free hand you can use french manucire method to make it look more clean.

nail art (french manicure)

blue french manicure

Step3 – Now with a nail art dotting tool or a tooth pick draw a design like this.I tried to give U shaped curve to the design.

nail art design

Step4 – Place  yellow dot on the purple colour dot and with a thin brush apply a thin line below the dots.I used green nail paint in that.I find bindi brush to be best when drawing anything on nails especially thin lines.These are easily available in any healthy and glow stores.

nail art design in teal colour

Lock the design with a transparent coat again and we are done :).I use maybelline colorma transparent nail paint as a top coat here.

nail art design in blue and green

This is going to the  wise she nail art design collection.

Hope you guys are having a super energetic day 🙂

Your neighborhood friend


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