Springtime Fashion Accessories: Neckpieces Are Still Fad


 Accessorizing your look the right way can give oodles of style and elegance. Jewelry pieces are vital accessories that can totally transform your look. While bracelets and earrings are jewels most often discussed, it is the “neckpiece” that truly steals the show. From long necklaces to chokers and also the collared pieces, they’re all in fad and were the key attraction in Lakme Fashion week 2013.


Neckpieces are still in trend because they are not worn as commonly as earrings and bracelets. Just think about it, for daily to office, you probably put on earrings and sometimes a bracelet too. But hardly you dress yourself up in a fancy neckpiece, unless the time is special, isn’t it? And when you wear your neckpiece, it sends your fashion and glamour quotient soaring sky high. Provided, obviously, you are following the right trends of the season.

The neckpiece trends that were sported in the Lakme Fashion Week 2013 are here:

Floral Neckpieces: Floral neckpieces look really chic and are perfect for summers (for obvious *floral* reasons :-D) You’ll definitely get summery feel while wearing them and that’s what you want in summers right?? So, try them on and make your simple outfit pop. You can even play around with colors with these neckpieces.


Coral Neckpieces: You have to hand it to the Italians for absolute timeless grace and classic fashion. And they make it seem so natural. One of the top neckpiece trends of 2013 LFW shows was coral neckpieces. Teaming it up with virgin white dresses and footwear was creative genius. And the best part about this look? That you can easily copy it. 😀 These coral neckpieces also reminded me of kareena kapoor wearing a tribal coral piece. Do I need to say she looks gorgeous?

coral neckpiece

Neon Neckpieces: Do you think neons are limited to dresses only?? Think again as neckpieces in Lakme fashion week 2013 were bright and bold, completely unapologetic too. This summer look for statement pieces created with neon’s and other bright colors. They look chic and will give perfect look for hot summers..

So, what are your Fashion Accessory?

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