St. Ives Apricot Scrub Whitening Review


St.Ives Scrub –

This is my third purchase from St.Ives albeit I detest the ingredients of this  scrub  but the way it works I jump  back to it again and again. :P.I took the scrub along with me to prevent sun tanning  and it did worked a bit.You can read my post how to prevent getting tanned while holidaying here.

St Ives Apricot Whitening Scrub ReviewPrice of St.Ives Apricot Scrub is Rs 265 for 170 gm (for all skin types)

Benefits of Apricot scrub

Apricot has skin friendly properties and it act as a natural moisturiser which brings glow to the tired looking skin.When we mix apricot with any moisturiser it gently exfoliates the skin and remove all makeup and dirt.It not only removes the dead skin layer but also gives a healthy glow to the skin.(from wikipedia)

St. Ives whitening scrub review What St ives apricot scrub claims :-Only St Ives captures the secrets of naturally beautiful and healthy looking skin in this deep cleansing formula that gently exfoliates, removing dull, dead skin cells to instantly reveal smooth, radiant, healthy looking skin.It  has 85% natural derived ingredients andFormulas were dermatalogically tested.It Promotes healthier- looking, glowing skin in just seven days

How to use St.Ives scrub:-

Moisten face and neck .Genlty massage onto skin avoiding eyes.Rinse well, dry and apply moisturiser asusual.Can cause eye irritation .If this product gets into eyes , rinse thoroughly with clean water.

Available – at all health and glow stores or any drug store.

Scrubs - St. Ives - St. Ives Apricot Scrub with Whitening Properties review

Scrub is of thick and creamy texture which has tiny apricot scrub granules in it.It has this strong Vick’s like fragrance which is so relaxing.Infact it is kind of addictive for me.


St. Ives Scrub +skin whitening scrub review

Apricot granules are  big enough and great to exfoliate the skin however if you have sensitive skin then it might not suit you.


St Ives Apricot Whitening Scrub Swatch

I like the way the scrub removes dead skin off and make it looks healthy.Regular use of the scrub removes tanning and inspite of being creamy it doesn’t break me out.

It comes  in a big tube and as I use this scrub on whole of my body and that is why  it finishes off with in one and half month max.I love to use it on my feet and elbows it makes them so soft :D:D

Ingredients of st.Ives has always been in question.It has all sort of Methyl paraben, Ethyl Paraben and SLS  that is why I keep shifting to Fab India scrubs in between or any other according to my mood ::D:D

St.Ives Apricot whitening scrub ingredients

This scrub is hard to resist an some times I go overboard it.It makes me actually feel that my dead skin has been removed.It soften skins ::D:D which almost every scrub do but yes it helps in keeping white heads and black heads at bay too if used two or three times a week.

Easy to carry around and doesn’t make me feel greasy .

Will I recommend it to others – Apricot scrub might be little too abrasive for sensitive skin however oily skin  will surely love it.

Wise She Rating

Effective – 5/5

Packaging -4/5

Fragrance -3/5(Might be too harsh for few)

Price -4/5

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      • Me using curd with rice flour 😀 The curd leaves my skin sooo moisturised. I thought I could do the home made ones at least now when I am free 😀

        • ohh yes…use home made one as much as possible u r gonna love it 🙂

          i give rest to my skin once or twice a week by switching to all home made stuff because i am too afraid of chemicals ::D:D

  1. Hi sir/mam
    I want to buy a tube of Apricot Scrub Whitening but I did not find that in IRAN. How can you help me?
    Thanks a lot
    H.R. Jalali
    Ph.D of medical microbiology

  2. :idk: Whats the difference between st ives apricot bright skin scrub and this one? can they both be used for tan removal?


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