St.Ives Hydrating Vitamin E Body Moisturizer Review


St.Ives Products  Review – St Ives Hydrating Vitamin E Advanced Body Moisturiser Review

After reading almost all the reviews of St.ives body moisturiser and body washes from Anuradha I had to get one for myself.:D Now Its been almost a month since I have been using St.Ives Vitamin E moisturiser and  now  I know why saint Ives products are so popular.

Before I review it I must tell you a great offer which is running in Health and glow centers.You can get One St.Ives Oatmeal and shea body  butter and St Ives Vanilla body wash together for Rs 300 or some where near.A offer which every St.Ives enthusiast will love to plunge upon.:DThough I saw only one bottle of it there at the counter  so I guess there is just limited stock out there. :-((. For your info I saw the offer in Inorbit Mall.

Moving ahead with my vitamin e lotion.:)

Price of St.Ives Hydrating Vitamin E lotion is Rs 275 for 532ml.:D:D.

In layman’s term one gets half kg of body lotion in half the amount which is a pretty good deal 😀 😀
St. Ives Hydrating Vitamin E body moisturiser review

This St.Ives lotion contains powerful antioxidant of vitamin E which provides moisturiser and protects the skin from getting dry.Apply daily to maintain hydrated skin that looks and feels soft , smooth and healthy .(as per company)

St .Ives Hydrating Vitamin E moisturiser ingredients

Ingredients – Contain ingredients such as mineral oil which few woman consider bad for their skin but best thing is that it doesn’t contain any paranbens and phthalates

Packaging – It comes in a  huge pump bottle which makes it easy to use though can not be used while traveling.

Fragrance – It has vitamin e fragrance which some might find overpowering.

St Ives Hydrating vitamin E moisturiser

Moisturisation – It is a lotion with vitamin E and lately I have been kind of addicted to products which contains vitamin E :p.I get no greasy feeling and it has an cool soothing affect.

I just swatched it too show you .Below I applied  a good a small ball size amount of st.ives lotion on my wrist.

st ives moisturiser swatches

I blended it and lotion took just few seconds in gliding into my skin and there is no greasy feeling at all . 🙂

St.ives moisturiser swatches

In winters I didn’t find it hydrating enough for my skin but now it gives me the right kind of moisturisation .I like using it after taking shower and sometime at night before going to the bed.It soothens and softens my skin and one bottle will lasts 3 months during summers.

One might feel the need  to reapply the lotion again after 4-5 hours but for me twice in a day works well 🙂

Recommendation – It is more of a oily skin moisturiser and best to be used in summers rather than winters.

Wise She Rating – :yes: :yes: :yes: +.5

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  1. No. But I have been hearing a lot of good reviews. The lotions in my stock would take some time to finish up. Since, my body skin is pretty dry, I use those all the year round. So, i’ll get hold of it next time I buy a lotion

  2. anu i tell u one thing here …

    i had this new st.ives body wash and thought its body lotion …

    so last week i thought lets try it and applied very generously on hands and feet but it was so hard to blend it … ( SOAP NA)

    next morning i could feel very soft soft and was so impressed wowowo its so nice
    … hubby also did same thing as it was in bedroom drawer ..

    then second day i realized why it was feeling soft and slippery next morning too
    hahahah me and hubby had a good laugh 😀 😀

    but yeah i loveeee st.ives range …

  3. Hello Anamika,

    I am reading your old blogs on St. Ives products and am a bit confused as to which one i shud opt for. My skin is bit dry these days and am looking for a good body moisturizer? Please suggest me, which one should i go in for
    a) St.ives Oats + shea butter
    b) St. Ives Hyderating Vitamin E moisturizer??
    Please reply

  4. i wanna try sr ives moisturisers .i’m having oily skin so i’m confused which moisturiser should choose for my skin.


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