Step Aerobics for weight loss and toned body


Step Aerobics is fun filled way to lose weight and is getting recognized in many parts of the world. Indian women can reap more benefit from it as we tend to be heavier from our thighs, legs and hips due to our pear shaped body.

Step aerobics helps you to burn out maximum calories and tone down your muscles. Many fitness centers and gyms are coming up with step aerobics classes which are especially designed for women.

Those who are not much aware about it here are few essential things which might help you out before you think of joining it.

1. Step aerobics focus on whole of the body and is usually on a raised platform which is mainly four to ten inches in height .One can adjust the height according to your requirement. The height or the structure is made from wood or polyurethane .One can increase or decrease the height by placing one step on the other.

2. Execrises performed in step aerobics are more or less similar to floor aerobics and these exercises helps in enriching your lungs, heart and cardiovascular system .Within few months of these exercise the heart muscles gets strengthened too.

3. For best result it is required to work out regularly and at least one hour a day.

4. You need good stamina and intensity while performing the exercises to attain best result but if you lack in it then you can slowly build it by performing simple exercises first.

5. There is no specific age for step aerobics and it is suitable for the people of all ages.

6. You are required to drink lots of water while performing the step aerobics and if you are interested in losing weight then you have to cut down on junk as well.

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