Step By Step Night Skin Care



Step By Step Night Skin Care

A stressful, hectic life takes a toll on our life, both mentally and physically. External factors like harsh sunrays, dirt and pollution worsen the situation. During the day our skin is in dhisum dhushum protection and fighting mode, while at night, when we sleep, our skin too takes rests and it repairs and regenerates. A perfect night skincare routine is very essential for beautiful, glowing and healthy skin.

Remove your makeup:


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Don’t leave makeup on overnight, no matter how exhausted you are; even if you have just kohl on your eyes or just lip balm on your lips. There shouldn’t be any trace of makeup on you. If you are wearing waterproof makeup, be gentle while removing them. Don’t tug, rub and pull, your skin is already enough stressed at night, so don’t further harass and damage your skin by going harsh.



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Take a mild cleanser and wash off your face. Choose a cleanser that suits your skin type. This will remove all dirt and pollution that you had to absorb throughout the day. I have stopped using face washes long back, and only rely on besan throughout the year. It gives me squeaky clean feel and a soft, glowing skin. Moreover, the finely milled granules of besan work great as scrub too. Mild exfoliation and cleansing in a single step.



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Apply toner after cleansing to close your pores, restore pH balance and stimulate circulation. Choose toner as per your skin type. If you have dry skin then rose infused one, for combination skin try something with natural AHAs, for oily skin glycolic acid and for sensitive skin Aloe Vera is your friend. You can apply rosewater or organic rice water too instead of toners available in the market.



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A gentle massage on the face with your favorite night cream before bedtime is a perfect way to end to long hectic days. So invest in a good night cream as per your need and choice and feel the wonders. As you rest your tired eyes, night creams work hard to restore your tired skin, fighting fine lines and wrinkles with their amazing power different vitamins, oils, essential oils, Aloe Vera, AHAs, antioxidants and a wide variety of other ingredients.

Eye and lip care:


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  • Apply eye cream around the eye area. This will replenish the skin around eyes, reduce dark circle and puffiness and will also sooth tired eyes. Don’t forget your Lashes. Also dab some petroleum jelly on your cleansed eye lashes. This will make them stronger, denser and longer.
  • Dab some thick moisturising cream/balm or chapstick (Boroline here is my all time favourite) to have soft, smooth and supple lips in the morning.

Some Dos and Don’ts:

  • Don’t rub and tug excessively while cleansing.
  • Don’t ignore your neck, chest, hands and feet. They are equally important. Skin on the neck is more sensitive than your face. These places show the first signs of ageing. Wash your hand and feet properly and moisturize them well.
  • Many women with oily skin think that as their skin tends to be oilier than others and breaks out, they should skip moisturizing. Remember, there is a moisturiser for all. Choose what is meant for you, choose cleansers, toners and moisturisers meant for your skin type and you’ll never be disappointed.
  • Get your beauty sleep. Stop being an owl and hit the sack ASAP. Your night care regime won’t work without it.

Night skincare doesn’t even take 10mins from a 24hours day, but the effect it gives is unparallel. By following a proper night skincare routine, your skin will stay smooth, soft, clear, youthful and most importantly, healthy.

Do you follow any other specific night skin care routine?

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