Step By Step Of Makeup


Hello, ladies!

Do you like to hear the word ‘perfect’ from your husband or friends whenever you apply makeup? Yes, we do! But sometimes due to the lack of time or training, we end up missing one portion or the other of our makeup procedure. Sometimes we even mess with one or two steps that result in an incomplete look! But not anymore. We have the ultimate makeup procedure for you that will help you to make sure that you have done each and every step before heading out. So let’s start today’s makeup!

Step By Step Of Makeup:

Moisturise your face: One of the primary steps for a flawless makeup look is to apply a moisturiser. If you are going out in daytime, make sure to apply a moisturiser that has SPF in it to protect your skin from the sun. If your skin is not well moisturised, it can look flaky and even can accentuate the dry patches which are an absolute no-no!

Apply Primer: After applying the moisturiser, let it sit for 4-5 minutes and then apply a primer. Make sure it is silicon based so that it can make your face a smooth canvas. Pick a primer that fills in your pores and gives you that perfect and long lasting makeup finish all day.

Colour Correct: After priming, wait for 10 minutes and then apply your colour corrector to the parts where you need colour correction. There are different colour correctors available for different problems like green for acne redness, orange for dark spots and darkness. Make sure to apply the correct one!

Foundation: Now comes the most important of all base makeup products which is the foundation. Apply your foundation with a beauty blender (for medium coverage) or with a brush or silicon sponge (for fuller coverage). Blend, blend, blend!

concealer highlighter by sleek makeup

Concealer: Now, conceal the areas where you need a concealer like under the eyes, besides the lips, on the forehead on the dark spots and pigmented areas to get that glowing effect on your skin. You can use a shade lighter than your skin tone for that extra highlighted effect. 

Highlight and Contour: Then comes my favourite makeup product – highlighter. Apply highlighter on the bridge of the nose, on the cheekbones and all the portions that are prominent on your face to give them a more prominent and highlighted look. Apply contour to the hollows of the cheek, side of the nose and even to the hairline on your forehead to slim down the face.

Blush: Apply blush with a very light hand on the apples of the cheeks and get that blushy glow for long.

Eye makeup: For the eye makeup, you can apply a light brown or neutral eyeshadow on the lids. Even if you like, you can show your creativity by doing cut crease or smoky eye makeup look. Then line your eyes with an eyeliner and apply a kajal. Fill in your brows and apply coats of mascara. Voila!

Lips: Now comes every girl’s favourite part, applying a lipstick! Apply a lip liner of the colour of the lipstick to define your lips and then fill in with it. Apply the colour of your choice and you are ready to roll!

That’s all folks! Be beautiful always 🙂



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