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I keep getting requests for updo hair styles so this time when I was going for a dinner date, I thought of clicking few pics of one of the easy hair updo .This one is an elegant looking bun style and is perfect for occasions as well.You can accessorize with hair bows or hair flower clips etc.


cross bun hair do


Lets go with the step by step procedure.

I start with applying Livon serum on towel dry hair .I even use it on dry hair and it works  fine.Start with two drops of Livon Serum and rub it in your palms. It is better to start with a lesser quantity. You can always use more if required.Apply it on your hair from mid-length to the ends using your fingers to de-tangle. Start from back and work towards the front.

This serum softens the cuticle with its unique cutisoft formula. The CutiSoft Formula softens the cuticle by forming a coat on the hair strand and sealing in the moisture with a layer of protection giving you silky, smooth and manageable hair.

Livon Silky Potion – Detangling Hair Fluid cost INR 200  for 100 ml and you can get it from flipkart here

Livon hair style


After applying the serum just brush your hair and part your hair from top to each ear side. Now taking the center of your hair back, make a pony tail as shown in the picture below.Tie the pony tail with a clean hair band.


easy hair do step by step


Now take the end of the pony tail and push it into the nape center.


Hair up do blog wiseshe


After pushing the pony tail its going to look like this. If you have long hair like me you will have to keep bringing the end again and push it into the nape center.I did three  rounds in this.


hair do wiseshe


Now take the ear side section hair  and go round and round on your pony tail.You have to cross them above of the pony tail.
side hair bun cross bun


After crossing from both the side you have your cross bun hair ready.


cross hair bun with thick hair


Points To Be Noted:-

  • If you have curly hair then straighten your hair first and then go for the up do.
  • Up do works the best with straight and wavy hair.
  • Use hairspray for a neater look.


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  1. Thats super cool ana 🙂 i wish my hair behaves half nicely as you have ..
    they are soooo frizzy yaa …
    i keep on reading tips and tricks 🙁
    your bun is cute 🙂


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