Stila Eyeshadow in Rain: Review & Swatches


Hi All,

All of you know how crazed I am about neutral eyeshadows. It’s the only family of shades I can wear to work without getting any undue attention and they are so convenient for use. Stila Rain is one of these eyeshadows which I use frequently and wanted to review it for you gals tday :).

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Stila Eyeshadow in Rain review


This eyeshadow comes in in a silvery tin-foil like packaging. I’m not too fond of it since it’s a bit flimsy but considering that I’ll be depotting it, I really don’t mind it. I believe Stila has now begun to sell these shadows in only refill form. That’s also pretty convenient because the packaging is quite ..’Meh..’ I guess this is because Stila is a big believer in recycling and using recycled packaging. This is one of the reasons their products are pocket friendly hence I tend to disregard the packaging faux pas…that’s quite fine don’t you think?

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Stila Eyeshadow in Rain review+ stila

My take on Stila Eyeshadow in Rain:

  • Color: Rain is a smokey brown with a greyish undertone. I initally thought it would be a dupe of MAC Espresso, but that’s not so. The grey tinge gives it a unique smokey quality that Espresso can’t match.
  • Price: I think its $7-$8
  • Quantity: 2.6gms

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Stila Eyeshadow in Rain review+stila eyeshadow

  • Pigmentation & Texture: The pigmentation is amazing…a single swipe itself brings off such a lot of color. Moreover, it’s matte which is perfect for work.
  • Staying Power: This stays on my lids the entire day..It starts fading after about 5hrs of wear, but never completely gets wiped off…(unless you actually do).


I use this shade majorly as a crease color. It’s also perfect for a softer smokey eye. I usually don’t use black since I looks too harsh on my face ( or maybe I’m just not used to it) so I use greys (like L’oreal Infallible eyeshadow in Pebble grey) or dark browns. This shade is a perfect balance of a smokey grey and brown and easily wearable as well.

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Stila Eyeshadow in Rain review+stila rain

My lids are not oily so this doesn’t crease on me. Plus, it’s a matte finish so it’s perfect. Only I should mention here that those with dry lids may want to stay away from this. The matte effect is quite strong and may accentuate any dryness on your lids.


Swatches of Stila Eyeshadow in Rain:-

Stila Eyeshadow in Rain review+stila rain swatch

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Stila Eyeshadow in Rain review+stila rain eyeshadow swatch


What I like about Stila Eyeshadow in Rain:

  • A nice neutral to wear to work.
  • I love the smokey grey element in the brown
  • I prefer softer looking shades to do a smokey eye and this one works perfectly.
  • Can be used to fill in the brows too. It looks too harsh on my brows but may work for others.
  • Easy to blend
  • Doesn’t crease on my lids
  • stays on my lids for a long time
  • Easy to depot.
  • It’s the exact size of a MAC eyshadow and would fit into a MAC palette easily as well.
  • Good value for money.


What I don’t like about Stila Eyeshadow in Rain:

  • A bit on the drier side. Those with dry skin may not like this too much.



  • Pigmentation: 5/5
  • Staying Power: 5/5
  • Availability: 3.5/5
  • Price vs. Quality: 5/5


Have you tried any Stila eyeshadows?

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  1. it looks brown on pan and grey on hand .. wow .. now i understand why ppl rave about stila.. I am already browsing thro ebay… may get these jewels !!! it will look lovely as smokey eyes !!

      • Zee i have found a few deals on ebay already but I cannot buy 🙁 :weep: 😥
        these kinda colors soften up the smokey effect, but black when used right looks so damn sexy, you’ll burn up on the spot !!!
        BTW Me wearing green e/s to office to match my dress.. :yippee:

            • you’ll look like ur on a holiday instead of office that’s why you dont wear it .. i see so many ppl wear beautiful make-up in my office only on friday (casual wear!! ) .. the rest of the week is like dryday for them …

              • Hehe..Atleast they wear makeup on my office the height of fashion is using eyeliner….everything else is tauba tauba…not that icareofcourse..i still prance around in my office makeup 😉

                    • its ok to reduce ur weight Zee than being thin and weak .. i know a few girls who come to gym.. doc has sent them to gain weight else they cannot bear children.. their spine is too weak to handle the weight of a baby and all .. i do read ur post abt thyroid and how u r determined to lose weight .. keep it up and u’ll be the way u want to be ..

                      we all love you jst the way you are Zee !! :-* .. are ur lips healed ??

                    • Luv u too girl! Lips r still healing…sometimes upper lip is fine but then it gets ragged n acts up…always happens…last year the allergy lasted 3 mts…from nov to jan…I cudnt use lipstick for 3 mts ..imagine!

        • Oh haan! Ur on a ban na? Don’t worry by the time ur ban finishes u never kno, sales may start and u may get goodies for much cheaper 🙂

    • I had “Rain,” and loved its plummy-taupe-grey complexity, but I was in various healthcare institutions, due to illness, for almost two years and my Rain disappeared while I was gone.
      I went to re-order, and it’s *discontinued!*
      I finally found one on eBay and paid premium for overseas shipping, but I’m not sorry.
      I’m determined to find a dupe, though.
      Anybody know of one?

    • ohh!!!! It is the dhakkan??? The light reflecting on this as well as the other shade of stila you reviewed, I somehow saw the light reflecting and thought it to be a moss green and I really loved it. 😯 :pain:
      And after reading your post did i realise it!!! Sad. 🙁


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