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Hey Girlies!

Sometimes we become a regular visitor of a site but still miss on some of the interesting offers running currently. Not only with shopping site, but its with even blogs as well. There are so many hair care , skin care queries on the blog but most of the time we end up getting a repeat query from the readers. It’s not readers fault as they can’t figure out which section to visit to get the answer of their query.

Similarly ! I was checking out some tempting deals on which is my ultimate source of getting high end genuine products at a cheaper price and that too with free shipping. So it happened that when I landed on their homepage, I didn’t notice this deal. But moments later, I received a promotional mail from them and I was like Oops! How did I miss this?

Strawberry also have a special section. I don’t know if some of you are aware. In this section they sell unboxed products. Many times I and Zee have bought unboxed product from them which are at heavy discount. Products are in great condition and weren’t affected even slightly but they are unboxed. How does it matter ? .We tend to throw away the box sooner or later anyway.But it matters to which is a huge company. They can’t sell off a product without its outer packaging and this is the reason they give away these products at heavy discounts but these offers are rare.

So before these unboxed products are sold off do check out some of the products .

L’OREAL - Dermo-Expertise Age Perfect Pro Calcium Day Cream

L'oreal wrinkle cream unboxed


Elizabeth arden daily moisturiser



Elizabeth arden eye fix primer
There are more tempting offers which you can check them out here
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  1. Hey Anamika…how many days does it take for them to ship to India? Average how many days do you get your order? And when is the longest time plus how is their customer service?
    Please please reply

  2. Hi Ashika, They take about 10-15 days max and customer service is quite quick. Delivery depends upon your location.


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