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It was a pleasant weather today in Delhi and I wanted to chill out a bit. Roads are clean because of  the bandh. Today I realised how clean Delhi roads will be without autorickshaws but nevertheless many people are too dependent upon them so I can not be that mean. I and my friend decided to visit Sarojni nagar instead of the regular malls. I remember visiting Sarojni nagar during my college days some 8-9 years ago and that time it looked heavenly.

It has not changed a bit.It still has those same shops and side corner food stalls.Let me show you some interesting thing which you people might be interested in .

These cute little jewellery boxes  looked interesting outside but inside material was not that sturdy .

street shopping delhi

You can find all kinds of junk jewellery here. Just pick them all and change your style every day.

shopping sarojani nagar india

I saw these baskets once in dollar store at cheaper price I believe.

sarojani nagar shopping

Sarojini nagar is more famous for its clothes which basically is rejected export material. Some of the clothes are of good quality and you won’t believe how cheap they are.Some are pretty average and justify their cost. I liked the tank tops and all which were just of 100 bucks or so.


There are some show rooms also which I don’t think are that much popular there.

Sarojani nagar shopping delhi what to buy

You will find all the latest trends for all shape and sizes . As most of the shopkeepers have same kind of stuff there is lot of scope of bargaining.If the shopkeeper doesn’t budge with the price then just move ahead.You will definitely find something similar ahead.


cheap tank top street shopping india

I wasn’t much keen on the clothes but I did like these brass decor item and picked up few for my balcony.

what to shop from sarojani nagar

If you are new to Sarojini nagar what ever price shopkeeper tells you just reduce it to 50% or sometimes may be 75% . They have been in the business since long and they know their customers much much better than us :D.

street shopping home decor

More than anything else it’s fun visiting the market and check out all the loot 🙂

How was your day ? Heard about the Hyderabad bomb blast today.Stay safe every one .My heart goes out for those who died.May God give their families the strength to face the loss.

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  1. nice stuff anna, in hyderabad i love to shop in charminar, begum bazar and koti, where v can find so many street stuff, for very less place, after coming to U.S, i miss those type of shopping, where we can bargain for 70- 80% of price, even in new york city also v can bargain in some places, but only upto 30-40%…if v know how to shop..

  2. Wow! I love street shopping , I do lots when I go to Kolkata and Chandigarh, I havnt been to Delhi/Mumbai :-(( :-((
    What did u bought Ana?

  3. Ahhh…I had loads of fun shopping at SN during my college days 😀 It is also a great place to buy home knick knacks…I have been planning to go there since ages but don’t get time 🙁

  4. Really nice post…almost felt like I went shopping wid u 😉 My only street shopping experience was in Mumbai, wid a huge gang of friends. It was awesummm n truly memorable! U made me nostalgic 🙂

  5. i want soo many things from Sarojini nagar market. i had just been to Hyderabad for the weekend(for the first time after marriage) and i hogged on the Paradise biryani for lunch and dinner and got a family pack packed as well for travel. they give a good travel pack which stays good for 7 hours.


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