Street Wear Color Rich Lip Color 03 Pink Pie Review & Swatches


Street Wear Color Rich Lip Color 03 Pink Pie


Hi beauties,

Today I am going to review a super affordable and a must have lipstick for you all. It is street wear color rich lip color in shade no 03, Pink Pie


Street Wear Color Rich Lip Color 03 Pink Pie Review +make up


This is my first lipstick after I started working and I am so happy that this is my first lipstick. I got this last year. I wore this shade each and every day to work. From the very first day my colleagues noticed and appreciated the color. One even asked me to get her one also. The store boy told it is out of stock, every time I went to get this lipstick. This went on around for 4 months. I also searched other stores, still did not find a piece. From then I started to use this sparingly lest it might get over :-). After coming to Chennai my search also didn’t get over. I had to pre order this shade from the local health & glow store and finally I have a back up for my favorite shade:-).

Ok now coming to the packaging, this comes in a flimsy black grey plastic tube. It looks cheap but at a price of Rs.160 I am not complaining :-). When you close, there is no click lock, so it might get loose and come off in the long run. Well I haven’t faced this till now thankfully. This lipstick has always been in my handbag from the day I bought it.


Street Wear Color Rich Lip Color 03 Pink Pie Review tubes+lip color


Quantity is 3.5 grams. Good enough to finish quickly. Coming to the color, this shade is a beautiful mix of brown and pink. On closer look brown undertones are prominent. It is more of a soft nude brownish pink. When applied lightly this gives my lips a natural look. I have never liked browns; I always lean towards pink and corals but this is such a pretty shade that I always look for it when I am confused about what lipstick to wear. Overall it is a great shade for office wear.


Street Wear Color Rich Lip Color 03 Pink Pie Review Shade+lip stain


Fragrance is faint but sweet. Texture is really good. I mean at Rs 160, I am amazed at the quality and color this lipstick has. It is neither matte nor glossy. And yes it does not have shimmer. I will say it is slightly creamy but nothing like it will settle in fine lines. It is not drying but it will not moisturize dry lips. One swipe covers pigmented lips beautifully but heavily pigmented lips may need more swipes to cover fully. This stays on my lips for 3 hours without eating or drinking. It transfers a bit. With a full meal expect the color to vanish from the inner corners of your lips. I generally purse my lips to distribute the color.


Street Wear Color Rich Lip Color 03 Pink Pie Review Hand Swatch+cosmetics

Street Wear Color Rich Lip Color 03 Pink Pie Review lip swatch with flash+lips stick

Street Wear Color Rich Lip Color 03 Pink Pie Review Lip Swatch without flash+lipsticks


It gently lifts and brightens up my face without being too on your face. It does not wash me out. This will suit almost every skin color.

What I like about Street Wear Color Rich Lip Color 03 Pink Pie :

  • Indeed color rich
  • Sweet nude pinkish brown color which will suit almost every skin tone
  • Stays for good 3 hours
  • Not extreme matte or glossy but in between
  • Feels light
  • Dirt cheap
  • Great for office, party, outing, almost every occasion color
  • Brightens the face
  • Covers pigmented lips well
  • Shade is pure color,  no shimmer, no gloss

What I don’t like about Street Wear Color Rich Lip Color 03 Pink Pie :

  • Cheap packaging (hello! It is cheap.)
  • Color goes from inner corner of lips after a full meal
  • Transfers a bit
  • Ingredients not mentioned
  • Loses its shine after a few hours
  • Needs touch ups

Do I recommend: Yes. This is a beautiful color to own. You can use it when you feel you have nothing to apply on your lips. I am super amazed at this price, the color, the texture and quality of this lipstick is really good. I love it for its versatility. I am already having a back up as you can see 🙂

  • Rating: 4/5
  • Price 160.You can buy online.

I will come back with another great wear anywhere lipstick, till then take care girls :-).

Have you tried Street Wear Color Rich Lip Color 03 Pink Pie ?


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  1. I think today is lip colours day on the blog.. Started with anamika then you and then shale.. Lovely shade it is pragnya.. Nice pick.. 🙂

  2. Lovely shade Pragnya… 🙂 with the price it stays upto 3 hrs.. unbelievable!.. awesome thanks for the review ll deff try to get this 🙂

  3. The shade is so me 😀 i haven’t tried any lippie from street wear but this one is super gorgeous for sure 🙂 loved the lip swatch 😉 your lips are like that of kim kardashian’s

  4. Hi All.. I am using this pink pie for more than 2 yrs. Unfortunately, I am not getting this anywhere in TN, even in online shopping. Can anybody help me pls?????????
    Please help me.. Am very addictive to pink pie 03. I fear to use other brands or colors.

    I tried in It is out of stock there. Please surf and get me websites to buy pink pie


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